Ajay Shetty, MD, Myra Vineyards

Ajay Shetty, Managing Dierctor - Myra--forweb Vineyards 3Where do you live?

Koramangala. I was raised here and its home.

 How many times do you travel in a month?

Depends on work, at least twice a month. Nothing exotic but, definitely exciting that is to Mumbai and Pune now that our wines are there.

What’s your favourite biz destination?

Yarra valley, Melbourne

 What is your favourite holiday destination?

Thailand, love its beaches


What do you like most about travelling?

Love the fact that I am not on the telephone. I switch off my mobile.

What are your travel peeves?

Pushy co-passengers. I am a typical relaxed Bangalorean.

Which airline do you prefer travelling by?

Nothing in particular. Like non-stop- flights that’s all.

What do you always carry in your cabin luggage?

A pair of briefs, chargers for my music which is on my phone and my ipad, socks, my tooth brush, perfume and my iPad.

 Which is your preferred luggage brand?

Samsonite durable

 Which has been your best hotel stay experience?

The Peninsula, Bangkok

What according to you is a cardinal sin in hospitality service?

The cardinal sin is discourteous staff and bad food. It can take the fun out of the location or the holiday in general.

Your gadget arsenal includes?

Apple gadgets all the way. iPhone and iPad.

What is currently on your music player?

A lot of work out music. David Guetta to anything commercial. I’m also a sucker for current Bollywood hits 🙂

What are you currently reading?

I’m a massive fan of biographies, though now I am reading Chanakyas Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

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