Face to Face With Amit Samson, GM, The Lalit Ashok

Mr Amit Samson, GM, The Lalit Ashok

An alumnus of IHM, Mumbai, Samson has to his credit, 17 years of hotel operations and management experiences. Explocity speaks to the hotelier and gets to know more about his experiences at The Lalit Ashok.

Who is your target audience and why?
Forms a broad spectrum of customers in the fields of business, politics, MICE ,leisure and entertainment. The property is centrally located, has a huge expanse of green space, is the first five star property in B’lore and is known for its friendly service without being intrusive.

What is the USP of the hotel? 
The concept of USP is quite debatable. I believe there can be no one unique virtue in a hotel for long which will not get replicated. The Lalit Ashok Bangalore (TLAB) is really appreciated by our valued guests for its colossal green space, highly friendly environment and pricing based on guests’ perception of value.

How does the hotel group appeal to the business traveller? Please enumerate the features and facilities that cater to the business traveller.
Business guests look for high-end in-house facilities for their professional chores, highly relaxed atmosphere after a hard day’s work and sound sleep to make up for the stress they go through in the entire day. TLAB offers fully equipped business centres, high speed internet,rooms comfortable enough for a sound sleep and a unique stand-alone spa within the premises for exquisite mind and body therapies.

What is the strategy to stay ahead of the competition? 
I have always believed that the easiest and least expensive strategy in hospitality business is to retain your existing customers. We endeavour to do that by maintaining very strong relationships with our business providers and guests by various innovative means.

What’s the hotel’s philosophy or business mantra? 
Business by relationship.

Is there a focus on the MICE segment? If yes, what are the plans? 
We have always been one the most preferred MICE and banqueting destinations in the city. We have been a recent recipient of the Asia Pacific Hotel Award for that. Strategy has always been to hunt for newer markets, have sales task forces dedicated for each segment of the MICE business, to offer the right product mix and then finally conquer with the best price.

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