Make a million by keeping it simple

Aniket-Jain-1Aniketh Jain is a proud man. From being a regular Bangalore boy skipping college to hang with friends to now being the co-founder of a multi-billion dollar company, his has been an inspirational journey. And to top it off, this amazing feat has been accomplished only over the last 5 years.

The entrepreneurial streak kicked in for Aniketh soon after passing out of Jain College. Along with his friend and classmate Ashish Agarwal, he came up with the idea to launch Solutions Infini – a mobile messaging company. Both of them knew they were on to something. Their confidence and belief in themselves resulted in the development and creation of a lucrative business model.

“We started at a time when there was major recession in the US, with an initial investment of just Rs 4 lakhs. Today, we have grown into a $ 2.9 million company,” he confirms with pride.

It was somewhere between the course of enjoying the fun college life and winning awards in fests and events, that Jain found his calling. His strong business acumen combined with Agarwal’s solid understanding of technology today, gives them the ‘winning edge’ in the mobile messaging domain across Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Jain is grateful to his college (which is coincidentally called Jain College), the institution he gained his degree at, for giving him the space to explore and develop his skills. As may be the case with many fresh-out-of-college youngsters raring to go, Jain and Agarwal didn’t start out with a traditional business plan.

“It’s just the belief that pulled it off I guess, enabling us to grow from an organization of two people to a big family of 70 people. The winning mantra of course, was to KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, as the communication experts propound. Our services are simple – we provide text SMS confirmations to services and goods that are bought online,” explains Aniketh.

All work and no play is clearly not the mantra this 25-year-old youngster believes in. He’s a fitness enthusiast and is currently discovering his passion for travelling and photography thanks to his recent trip to Barcelona. “It was for a conference and for the first time, through that trip, I realised that I wanted to travel the world, see different places and cultures that I only fantasized about until then,” says Aniketh. With similar gusto for exploring realms beyond the mundane, this simple Bangalore boy enjoys cooking and during weekends, loves heading out to the traditional restaurants in the city for a South Indian breakfast.

His zest and passion for life shows as he goes on to share his interests and dynamic daily routine. “Each day is extremely valuable. I start with some physical activity like a game of cricket, a session at the gym, or a walk. Thereafter, I read the papers, say my prayers and head to work. Each day, I interact with colleagues from various departments to share ideas and optimise work. And, go on to meet new people with ideas,” he beams.

Aniketh strongly feels that Bangalore’s cosmopolitan appeal and the fact that it is one of the better cities in India, in terms of all-important aspects makes it the foreground for business. “It’s the best place to live. The weather is great, people are peaceful and there’s still the sheen of the Garden City. One of the biggest entrepreneurs, NR Narayanmurthy flourished here. Anyone can easily connect with Bangalore,” he says.

There’s a spiritual side to this young entrepreneur as well as he goes on to explain his interest and fascination for the Bhagwad Gita as a guide for developing business and leadership qualities.

“My other big inspirations are my parents who believed in me and my abilities, Steve Jobs because of his crazy ideas, which has made Apple unique, Bill Gates because of his super ability to sense business and Mother Teresa for all that she has done for the less fortunate,” he states.

Entrepreneurship is the next big phenomena in this new age, believes Jain. “My purpose is to add value to peoples’ lives. I feel it’s important for me to provide the kind of technology that can help facilitate meaningful communication. This new digital age that we live in is abundant with opportunities for entrepreneurs to identify small voids, and build business models around the need to fill such voids.”

Solutions Infini for instance, is instrumental in bridging the gap between enterprises and their various clients through concrete connectivity and incredible messaging & voice platform. Companies can utilise the mobility solutions provided by Solutions Infini in order to create a single mode of communication with all their employees and customers. For example, it will help companies to ensure safety of the employees by way of messaging systematic cab details to all who travel by company cabs.

He goes on to add, “Our business product for instance, does not require any hardware or physical equipment at an office space. Instead, we just provide a number, which can then be used for all marketing collaterals. This service enables people to track calls, manage and even record them.”


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