“Music Makes Me A Complete Person”

Abhinav Dhar has mastered the art of striking a perfect balance between his dual lives — a drummer and and advertising guru.

That’s why Abhinav Dhar has mastered the art of striking a perfect balance between his dual lives — a drummer and and advertising guru

He has been responsible for some of the best and memorable ad tag lines like Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby, Aha! (Pepsi), Tedha Hai Par Mera Hai (Kurkure), Why Should Boys Have All The Fun (TVS Scooty) and What’s The Program (Lays). But for Abhinav Dhar, co-founder of D&H Blurb (previously known as Dhar and Hoon), also touted as one of the “best drummers in Delhi” music has always been his first love. “My love affair with the drums started pretty much like it does for most kids. I used to listen to a lot of rock and roll on the radio and wanted to learn how to play the drums. But music was not much of a career option then. Parents’ expectations were different and it was tough to say that “I want to be a drummer”. But music has always been my first love.”

So he went for the next best thing, advertising, where he could explore his artistic side. “I used to paint and draw and advertising seemed like a good idea as I could continue doing something I loved doing. I had an artistic bend. Frankly, I did not think much about it and just jumped into it.” Dhar got his Msc in Advertising and design from Pratt, New York and has spent decades in the field of media and communication.

Talking about advertising today, Dhar says, “The world of advertising has changed completely. There are so many venues through which you can get your information now. If you want to buy a car, you can compare the prices, look at the comments, try out different colours, everything!. The role of advertising agencies has changed completely and they have to bemore dynamic to make the brand come closer to the customer through different media. Whether it’s the i-phone or television, you have find new ways to get the message across.”

Technology has played a significant role, in not only the field of advertising, but also, in music. From youtube to myspace, there are innumerable ways to reach out to the audience. “Technology has helped music in a big way. Now you can record music at home studio with appropriate software and publish it online for everyone to head. It’s a lot easier now and that has changed the revenue model. “

Dhar has collaborated with many bands like Babylon Extention and Unfinished Biz, but doesn’t conform to the title of the “Best Drummer In The City”. “It’s just something an old friend wrote,” he explains.

He keeps weekends for practice and believes it is essential to keep a balance between work and other components of life. “It’s important to be passionate about something other than work and family. Something that’s just you. For me that’s music. It makes me more complete as a person.” While he started with rock and roll, Dhar leans more towards Modern Jazz nowadays. He feels Kendrakka from Kolotta, Five 8 from Delhi and Thermal & a Quarter from Bangalore are one of the best newly formed bands today.


What’s common between advertising and music

Whether it’s pitching an ad campaign to clients in the boardroom or performing live on stage, Dhar believes there are similarities between both fields. “Both advertising and music are creative fields. While in ads you have to pursuade the client or viewer to buy your argument, in music you have to make the listeners accept you and your music,” Dhar aid.

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