Romance on the Go

So you are all set to travel again, yet the hopeless romantic in you wants to go the extra mile to make the love of your life smile. Executive Traveller takes a look at some things couples can do to keep their love going strong even when they are on the move.

Travelling for work on a regular basis does not merely mean the wide and exciting world of single serving friends and new sights, sounds and sighs. It also means living out of suitcases, losing sleep, missing birthdays, parties and for the unfortunate romantics, even anniversaries. While a lot turn to the not so fidelity friendly lessons taught by Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga) in the Clooney starrer, ‘Up in the Air’, most bear the brunt of being away from their loves when they are needed the most. And then comes a point of time when even the most understanding of all partners shake their heads in disappointment as they realize the distance is definitely not making the heart grow any fonder.

From saying it with flowers to reliving college days with a long and loving Skype date the list of loving does not seem to come to a halt. But the question remains, is this all you can do for the one you love?

Say it with Flowers

A beautifully done up bouquet of flowers or two delivered straight to the significant other’s work desk not only lets her know that she is being missed, it also brightens up her day infinitely. Coupled with rich, creamy chocolates and maybe even a bottle of bubbly the surprise is flawless.

B for Books

While some like flowers, others would like nothing better than curling up with a good book and getting lost in the world in there. If sending one book does not quite cut it for you, pretend to be the cute admirer and send her one each day you are away. Accompanied with cute messages, riddles and even silly poetry, this is perfect for the bookworms you love to love.

Flight of Fancy

If your lady is the one who loves to travel, why stop yourself from sending her a fancy pick-up from work, to the airport and right into your arms? From the bubbly in the car to the special suite just for the two of you, it is indeed going to be an adventure she will love.

Supper on Skype

So when was the last time you called her on Skype and watched her as she told you about her day? When was the last time, you got goofy in front of the webcam, albeit, with the risk of her taking screen shots of you in the weirdest of you doing the weirdest of things? You will be surprised to realize how special a date over Skype can make your significant other feel. Serenade, dance and even do cartwheels for her. Innovate and make sure that this is one date she won’t forget in a long, long time.

Music Mayhem

So she likes music? And she has all of everything she could possibly want on her iPod? Worry not. With the internet bestowed superpowers, you can create a playlist with her favourite tracks and simply mail her the link. If you are more of a performer, you can get hold of a guitar, strum, sing, record and upload the video on Youtube and know that the touch of personal will definitely make her smile.

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