The Way I Travel

Sandeep Dhar, CEO, Tesco Hindustan Service Centre

Where do you live?


What do you like most about travelling?

The combination of solitary time for reflection as well as the opportunity to meet people from different cultures.

What are your pet travel peeves?

Managing change in sleep patterns in accordance with time zones

Which airline do you prefer travelling by?

For short haul flights, it does not matter but for long haul, Singapore Airlines is my favourite.

Which is your favourite holiday destination?

Koh Samui, Thailand.

Which is your favourite business destination?


What do you always carry in your cabin luggage?

Amazon Kindle which allows me to stay on top of my reading.

Describe your gadget arsenal.

iPod, iPad, Olympus µ waterproof camera, Kindle, BlackBerry, Samsung Ace, Nakamichi Armature headphones.

Which is your preferred luggage brand?

Samsonite. They offer products across a broad range with plenty of different styles to suit individual preferences.

What’s playing on your iPod?

MTV Coke studio- Pakistan season 4.

What are you currently reading?

Management in 10 words by Sir Terry Leahy, Ex-CEO at Tesco Group.

Sandeep Dhar completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from IMT Ghaziabad in 1988 and has also attended the Advanced Management Program at Wharton Business School. He has spent several years with Citibank and ABN AMRO in India as well as internationally, specialising in contact centres, E-Commerce and M-Commerce, before his role as President of Mphasis-EDS. Prior to Tesco, Sandeep was the Managing Director of Sapient Corporation in India. Beyond work, Dhar has a deep interest in Asian cinema, philosophy and electronic gadgets.

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