The Way I Travel

Where do you live and how frequently do you travel?

I live in Juhu, Mumbai, India and usually travel twice a month.

What do you like most about travelling?

I like meeting interesting and accomplished people in airports or on flights, such as Senator John McCain, Siddhu.

What do you always carry in your check-in baggage?

My check-in luggage always has toothbrush, underwear, adaptors, chargers and a swimsuit. I avoid carrying folders and files and wet clothes.

Describe your gadget arsenal

I always carry my ipod, ipad, laptop, and blackberry. My preferred luggage brands are Tumi and Samsonite.

Which airline do you prefer travelling by?

I am a frequent flier of Virgin Atlantic, Jet Airways, King Club and Continental Airways

Which hotels do you like staying at?

I like the hospitality and service of the Imperial hotel in India and Le Hermitage at Los Angeles

What is your favourite business destination?

New York City; Hong Kong

What’s playing on your iPod?


Name a book you’ve read recently?

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

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