Way I Travel: Adel El Masry

Adel El Masry–Director of Tourism for Egypt, India

Where do you stay?

I live in Mumbai in India. It is a very welcoming city. When I first arrived in India, I felt like I was at home. My first impression was that I came from Egypt to another Egypt! The hospitality and warmth of India is very similar to that of Egypt.

How frequently do you travel?

I travel a lot across India and world, if not more, at least 10 times a Year on Business. And though I would love to visit my country more often I visit Cairo in Egypt once a year.

What do you like about business travel?

It’s important for me to meet new people and build contacts. I quite enjoy my work and travelling comes as a part of it. Sometimes you meet important people on travel. It’s good to build relations. Being in the travel industry, it gives me an opportunity to see what kind of people travel to Egypt and From Egypt, what they need, like or enjoy.

What do you not like about business travel?

Nothing in particular. Travelling comes as a part of the job and I quite enjoy it.

Your favorite Airlines?

Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and of course, Egypt Air. I like Egypt air as it serves delicious Egyptian cuisine; I like to enjoy my food.

Your favorite Hotel?

I prefer The Lalit in Delhi, The Marriott in Bangalore, Trident – Oberoi in Mumbai and The Taj in Udaipur. Comfort is of high priority to me when it comes to travel.

Which is your favorite business destination?

Other than my homeland Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are the few countries I like to visit for Business Trips. I like the life over there.

What do you always carry in your check-in baggage?

I carry lots of suits with me when on Travel. Check in Baggage has my Laptop, which has my whole professional world.

What do you avoid carrying?


BB, Android or IPhone?

I like using Nokia and have been using my current cell phone E -6 since almost a year now. It has a metallic silver body and is a touch screen.

What book are you currently reading?

I am pursuing my PHD in French and I like reading French books. As of now I am reading IMPÉTUEUX (L’)

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