Way I Travel: Gaurav Pallial, COO, Citrus Hotels and Resorts

Gaurav Pallial, COO, Citrus Hotels and Resorts

How many times do you travel in a month?

I am on the road for at least 10-12 days in a month

What’s your favourite biz destination?

My favourite business destination is Zurich. Nice, efficient and lots to do once you are through with your day.

Which has been your best hotel stay experience?

I was on a vacation at Ananda’s in the Himalayas with my wife and that has to count for the best Hotel stay I ever had. They start your day at 6 am and let you off at 8… I loved the discreet service, food and facilities offered.

What according to you is a cardinal sin in hospitality service?

Lying to a guest. If you have erred the best way to handle the situation is to be honest about it. I have found out that the guests are empathetic if they know your predicament. Most guests are smart enough to know what has happened (They would not be staying in your hotel otherwise)

Your gadget arsenal includes.

I am not a gadget guy but yes I do own a Galaxy tab, a BB bold, a portable charger to keep me on at all times and a Sony Projector camera

Any unusual requests you have come across as an hotelier?

Many…there are some guests who come in with requests like can the dog dine with me in the restaurant… “I shall pay for it”. Then there was this guest who wanted mattresses on the lawn in Mussoorie winter so that he can enjoy the winter sun. There are some who want to have a good time and ask for awkward places to set up the table and some whose requests are genuine. You have to take them all with a pinch of salt and accommodate what you can…. perhaps the guest becomes a loyalist just because of that.

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