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After having launched Cocoberry, Indian’s first frozen yoghurt chain, in 2009, GS Bhalla has kept the brand churning at a remarkable pace of growth. Here, he speaks to EXEC about his love for meetings in Spain, golf in Hawaii and the latest film music.

Where do you live?  

I live in Delhi, India.

What do you like the most about travelling? 

I like indulging the explorer within me. I love experiencing new cultures, smells, cuisines, people and so on. It is interesting to communicate using non-verbal communication in a foreign land through smiles and gestures. I have been touched by the unexpected kindness of complete strangers several times. The foodie in me loves to savour sumptuous in flight meals, the local fare and the buffet spreads in hotels. It thrills me to travel and discover how big the world is again and again.

What are your travel pet peeves?  

My travel pet peeve is the recycled air in planes.  With advanced technology today, why can’t they come up with a solution that would bring in fresh air and not recycle the cold and flu laden germs? I always get sick after returning from a trip somewhere.

Which airline do you prefer travelling by? 

I usually prefer travelling by Emirates Airlines. The best thing about Emirates Airlines is that you won’t feel very tired even after a long journey because the travel is split in equal time periods.

Which is your favourite holiday destination? 

My favourite holiday destination is Hawaii. The islands enjoy the perfect climate, are endowed with beautiful beaches and waterfalls and enriched with spectacular flora and fauna.  One can indulge in adventure sports like snorkelling and diving for some amazing underwater experiences. It also has some of the most breathtaking golf courses that serve as ideal rejuvenation for the mind and the body, especially for lovers of the sport.

Which is your favourite business destination? 

My favourite business destination is Spain. There are many good reasons that make Spain my ideal place to organize all kinds of conferences and meetings. Whatever your needs may be, you will find an ideal location with everything you are looking for. From the main urban centres to smaller, quieter towns and cities, coastal areas or more isolated spots high up in the mountains, the topography that exists in Spain means you can find the perfect setting for every kind of event or meeting you want to organise.

What do you always carry in your cabin luggage? 

I usually carry my laptop, my organizer – which records all my important meetings and tasks for the day – and my phone.

Describe your gadget arsenal?

A Google Nexus tablet, a Mac Notebook, an I-Pad, an I-phone, and a Blackberry.

Which is your preferred luggage brand? 

I usually prefer the Nike rucksack that I take to work as it does double duty as my hand luggage while travelling. It has plenty of pockets and places to stuff all the articles I need for travel, plus I can sling it on my back, leaving my hands free.

What’s playing on your iPod?  

I love playing Hindi film songs, both old and new. Nowadays, I am catching up with the new chartbusters of films. Currently, it’s the track ‘Ishqwala Love’ from Student of The Year.

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Mein Kampf, which means My Struggle or My Battle. It is a book by Adolf Hitler. It combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler’s political ideology.

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