Way I Travel- Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson & Managing Director Bharat Hotels Limited

How many times do you travel in a month?

I travel twice a week. I am always up in the air, I have a huge spreadsheet of my travel dates, which I showed to my friend once and she fainted. There are certain dates in a year that I block out. My managers have a better idea of where I’ll be the next two weeks. Travel is something that I have to do and I like it. It lets me step out boardrooms and expands my horizons. It’s therapeutic. I go into a different work mode. Travel unwinds me.

What does your gadget arsenal include?

I am not at all a tech person. I have deliberately kept technology away from me. I’ll go nuts otherwise just checking my mails. I have my secretaries’ look into it and all important things reach me. I still prefer printouts. You need to draw some lines to be able to prioritise.

What’s your work philosophy?

My philosophy is to put my best foot forward always; face all my problems and accept my mistakes.

How do you balance work and home life?

I have never neglected home because of my work or travel. At home, everything is in order. I am very particular about a clean house. You wouldn’t find a single fault with my home.

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