Way I Travel- Richa Kar

Richa Kar, CEO, Zivame.com

1.    Where do you live?
2.    What do you like the most about travelling?
It makes one wiser. I love trying new food, travel options and local festivities. A traveller can play another persona while travelling.
3.    What are your travel pet peeves?
Delays in meetings/travel plans and bad food
4.    Which airline do you prefer travelling by?
Jet or Indigo.

5.    Which is your favourite holiday destination?
6.    Which is your favourite business destination?
7.    What do you always carry in your cabin luggage?
Macbook pro, loads of music on my phone, a light jacket and my lip balm.
8.    Describe your gadget arsenal?
Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad and of course the battery packs for each.
9.    Which is your preferred luggage brand?
10.    What’s playing on your iPod?
The latest chartbusters, alternative rock and a few classics
11.    What are you currently reading?
The Dentsu Way, Viral loop

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