Way I Travel- Sirjana Singh, Jewellery Designer

 Sirjana-SinghWhich airline do you prefer traveling by?
I mostly prefer to fly Jet because it is one of the most comfortable airlines.

Which hotels do you like staying at?
For me the beauty and comfort of the place plays a major role. I am also an adventurous person. I travel to different places with historical importance in India. If outside India, I like to stay at Taj & Leela properties.

Which is your favourite holiday destination?
USA, because each country in USA has its own unique beauty and its beauty tells a different story.

Which is your favourite business destination?
Again the U.S., because it offers a wide network of creative channels.

What do you always carry in your check-in baggage?
My gadgets along with other essentials.

Describe your gadget arsenal?
I carry my iPad & Samsung tablet whenever I travel.

Which is your preferred luggage brand?
Samsonite- it makes the lightest possible suitcases.

What is usually playing on your iPod?
I listen to different music genres but classic old Bollywood and Sufi music are definitely on my hit list.


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