Way I Travel-Sunil Golani, CEO, American Laundry

Sunil Golani, CEO, American Laundry

Where do you live?

Bangalore, India

What do you like most about travelling?

The fact that I can switch off my phone, read and of course try out local cuisines and visit local haunts.

 What are your travel pet peeves?

The never ending queues! They start from checking in and ends with immigration. Even customs and  security is over-crowded! And finding space for your cabin bag after reaching your seat is the worst of the lot!

Which airline do you prefer travelling by?

Emirates, Kingfisher and Jet

Which is your favourite holiday destination?

All time favourite destination has been Goa for last 15 years for its casual and relaxed approach. Now I want to explore new territories in Europe.

Which is your favourite business destination?

New York

What do you always carry in your cabin luggage?

A reading book and a blazer or a Jumper

Describe your gadget arsenal.

Laptop, international chargers/adapters, BB and head phones.

Which is your preferred luggage brand?

A Duffle bag suits me the best and as a brand Samsonite has been good.

What’s playing on your iPod?

I listen to all kinds of music be it cultural, instrumental, rock, fusion, bollywood, trance… I love music, it helps me relax.


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