Way I Travel- Vinod Valson, General Manager, Vivanta by Taj , MG Road

Vinod Valson, General Manager, Vivanta by Taj, MG Road

1.    How many times do you travel in a month?

As often as my works allows me – Its normally confined to work related travel and my annual holidays with my family.

2.    What’s your favorite biz destination?


3.    Which has been your best hotel stay experience, besides Taj.

Harbor castle in Toronto

4.    What according to you is a cardinal sin in hospitality service?

Not doing business in an ethical manner and being insensitive to guests needs.

5.    Your gadget arsenal includes.

IPhones, ipad and Laptop

6.    Any unusual requests you have come across as an hotelier?

We had this unusual request to empty our swimming pool for a Disco evening.

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