“You get some interesting guest requests everyday” – Keshav Baljee, MD, Spree Hotels

Baljee’s experiences as President of Royal Orchid Hotels, led him to conceptualize Spree Hotels – a hospitality brand designed for the evolved, modern global traveler in India. Spree’s philosophy incorporates modern decor, a full service-focus, cutting edge technology, and a deep respect for the environment.

How many times do you travel in a month?
I travel around 3-4 times a month. Most of my travel is domestic.

What’s your favourite biz destination?
I’d love to have some business to do in New York!

Which has been your best hotel stay experience, besides Spree Hotels?
I really felt pampered and special at the Four Seasons in Buenos Aires. They remembered every little detail that I had told them!

What according to you is a cardinal sin in hospitality service?
Letting a guest sleep unhappy, or leave unhappy! Mistakes happen in our industry. It is a people-oriented business, and so there will be some errors in service delivery here and there, but not to attempt to correct the mistake is a grave sin. It is a sin I don’t tolerate in our chain at all.

Your gadget arsenal includes…?
The usual suspects – Macbook Air, iPhone, Blackberry.

Any unusual requests you have come across as an hotelier?
Recently a guest requested us to collect the payment from his friend, as his friend owed him money! You get some interesting guest requests everyday!

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