10 Best Travel Apps For Your iPad

Use technology to your advantage, and enjoy hassle-free commute, hotel stay and more. Here’s a list of ten iPad apps that every road warrior should install on his /her iPad:

1. iPhoto
Make the most of your iPad’s new improvised camera by downloading iPhoto. Use the photo journal feature and create your travel album, which can be shared using iCloud. The app will cost you Rs 261, but taking into account the photo journal feature, it is very well worth it. iPhoto is available for download at the App Store.

2. Skyfire
This one is meant for group travelers. Skyfire, using its latest feature Hot Swap, lets multiple users create individual accounts where they can sign in to their social media and email accounts. What makes this work for folks who travel in a group is that it lets you share an iPad minus the hassle of logging out and logging back in multiple times. Skyfire costs Rs 261, and can be downloaded from the App Store.

3. Writing Kit
Document your trip as it happens using the Writing Kit. Now, there are many apps available for jotting down your ramblings and musings, but this one comes in handy when you’re writing for the web. There’s also a quick research feature that lets you look up on external information without shooing you away from the writing screen. Writing Kit is available at the App Store for Rs 261.

4. Travelocity
Travelocity lets you book flights and hotel rooms, and even rent cars while on the go. There are even mobile exclusive deals that are designed for the busy business traveller looking to book at the drop of a hat. The app also features maps, itineraries, hotel images and descriptions, and more. Travelocity is available for free at the App Store.

5. Find My iPhone
Don’t let its name confuse you; this one works just as well on an iPad. Find my iPhone is available for free download at the App Store, and once you have it installed, you will get to see your current location on a map after signing in with your Apple ID. If you misplace your iPad, just sign in from any other iOS device, and you will be able to see its location on map. You can even lock the iPad or wipe its memory clean from this remote device.

6. SoundCloud
SoundCloud is used a social platform used to announce your music to the world. Noq sounds and music from your trip can be recorded and documented using this app, and can even be shared on your social media page. SoundCloud app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

7. Jetsetter
Install the Jetsetter app and put your iPad’s high resolution Retina Display to full use. The app provides listings of hotels and venues ideal for a visit when on your trip, and also includes panoramic photographs of the same. Users can browse the calendar feature for upcoming deals, and even add alerts to remind them about the sale period. Jetsetter is ideal for those going overseas, and is available for free at the App Store.

8. Dwellable
Another app that supports the iPad’s Retina Display, Dwellable, lets you in on their ast collection of high resolution images for the vacation destinations that they have listed. Like Jetsetter, Dwellable can be of immense help while traveling overseas, especially North America. Other features include map and list views, with a filter option that lets you sort by different criteria. For now, the service is available only for North America but more destinations are to be added soon. Dwellable can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

9. TripIt
TripIt lets you organise all your hotels, flights, and rental car information into an itinerary format that pops up on your iPad. Forward all your confirmation mails (hotels, rentals, flights) to TripIt and have them generate an itinerary for you. For iPad users the TripIt app works as a master planner that lets you oversee your entire itinerary. TripIt can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

10. Longform
Longform delivers all the latest articles from famous publications, along with other light and easy reads that have been curated by the editors at Longform. The app was developed keeping in mind the sensibilities of a frequent traveller who wouldn’t want to be bogged down by intense prose. Longform is available for free download at the App Store.

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