5 Features Apple Should Pinch From Android

Lawsuits aside, here are 5 Android features we wish the Apple iOS had.

Apple’s mobile OS has wowed us all. Even though its user interface hasn’t changed much over the last five years, the sophisticated approach implemented in designing the system is perhaps one of the reasons why it has been vaunted much within geek circles all over the globe. However, there are quite a few things that Apple could pick up from the Google powered Android. Here’s a list of five Androidian features that we’d love to see implemented in the next iOS update.

Smart App Updates
When an app receives an update on an Android device, it downloads only those features that are not present in its earlier downloaded version. Updating your favourite Apple app on the other hand would mean downloading it all over again. This may not make much of a difference for a few KB sized apps, but for others like the gaming kind, it could mean saving up on time and bandwidth.

Select Device Download
iOS lets you download your apps and other purchases to multiple devices using iCloud, but it won’t let you choose any two of your three devices. That is, it is an all or nothing approach; you either choose all your devices at once or you sync each one manually. This drawback isn’t present in Android systems. When you download an app from Google Play, you can specify which of your devices you want it installed on.

Expandable Notifications
A call back button within missed call notifications is what you call a smart notification, and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brings it to the table. Notifications that expand into mini apps are pretty neat, and should be something Apple could work on.

Automated Suggestions
Siri took the world by storm. But Google upped the ante by coming out with a different sort of virtual personal assistant titled Google Now. What sets this one apart from Siri is that, Google Now dishes out information based on the data you have inputted, while Siri acts only when prompted. So if you have an appointment marked on your calendar, Google Now will tell you when to start your journey, approximate time required for the commute, information on the weather, and more, without you asking for any of it. Apple users could benefit from this sort of an automatic service.

Pattern Unlock
Ignoring rumours that Google has filed for a patent on Pattern Unlock, let’s hope that Apple embraces this handy and creative unlocking technique. It’s also far less time consuming and confusing than punching out codes.


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