A $17,000 Phone Especially For International Business Travellers

A $17,000 Phone Especially For International Business Travellers. Read the full EXEC digest feature to know full specs of this new age smart phone.

A $17,000 Phone Specially For International business travellers

But is there a market for a phone that costs nearly $17,000 for its most basic model?

“Our core consumers are international business travellers that spend much of their lives on the move,” says company co-founder and CEO Tal Cohen.

“Their mobile phones are increasingly used for business-critical and confidential information gathering,” making privacy their top priority.

Zuk Avraham, CEO and founder of Zimperium mobile security, gave a live hacking demonstration at the press conference, telling CNN later, “You can buy off-the-shelf tools for about $20 online and hijack the latest androids or iPhones.”

Read the full specs of the phone here.

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