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EXEC gives you a list of must-have accessories to accompany your tablets

Irrespective of which gadget brand that you own, the way you accessorise your tablet makes a statement in the world of business. EXEC gives you a list of must-have accessories to complement your tablets.


Grubby fingerprints and scratches are the last thing you want to see when you look at your fancy new purchase. But over time and use, that is inevitably going to happen. To avoid them, a range of styluses are available in the market. The New High-Sensitive Stylus Pens are recommended for iPad 2 (and iPhone 4). Strikingly similar to a fancy felt pen, this stylus is sensitive to write, draw and type among others. With its soft touch tip, it is scratch resistant and protects the screen from fingerprints. It is available in three colours: black, white and red. While most branded styluses like the Griffin, Pogo Sketch, AluPen, Dagi, Targus and Boxwave are priced between $12 and $15 for the iPads, a higher priced model ($30) called the “Wacom Bamboo Stylus” is also available. One of the key features of this stylus is its replaceable rubber tip, and smaller nib size (6mm) that lends a more precise style unlike its counterparts. For a businessperson, a good quality and a professional-looking stylus make a world of difference. The answer lies in the clip – as it will be used frequently. Samsung Tablet owners can use the Conductive Style priced at $20. This shirt pocket clip can be stored in a pocket or it can be clipped on to carry or protective cases. It is compatible on their smartphones and Galaxy Tabs.

Keyboard Docks

Tired of angling your tablet and working off of it, or looking at keeping your tablet as scratch-free as possible whilst working? Then keyboard docks are handy accessories. The Motorola Xoom’s Standard Dock is a convenient as it charges simultaneously and allows for hand-free video chats and the use of other apps. The Galaxy Tab Full Size Keyboard Dock is compatible with a Galaxy Tab 7.0, and is an 83-key keyboard that enables faster and increased productivity. Similarly, the iPad Keyboard Dock includes a built-in keyboard with a dock that allows for charging and synching options. It also has a 30-pin connector that one can connect using the USB Power Adaptor, and use the iPad Camera Connection accessories as well. An audio jack enables a better audio experience when connected to the speakers.

Wireless Keyboards

A keyboard on the go without the hassle of wires works for a perfect accessory. The Motorola wireless keyboard is a full-sized, sleek-looking and with the help of shortcut keys, one can access Android apps faster. Samsung Galaxy Tab owners so you can use this Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard. This mini wireless keyboard allows for an external keypad for your Android tablet.

Smart Covers, Sleeves & Skins

Protect your tablet with smart covers. Built-in magnets ensure a snug fit, whilst brightening up the iPad with a number of colours available, and double up as a stand when required. They come in two options: a polyurethane covers and leather-bound covers. Other smart covers include the Logic 3 Silicone Case for iPad 2 and The Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap modeled similarly on the Smart Cover. For a more sturdy cover, one can try the Tuff-Luv for iPad 2 owners among others. Sleeves are a more practical option for tablet owners, for a number of reasons such as they are waterproof as the material used is neoprene. It protects comes in great colours, and can fit in easily in a large handbag. For something more personalised, tablet skins can show a bit of your personality when customised. A multifunctional sleeve by M-Edge can be used not only for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, but also for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-readers. It is believed to give users “best of both worlds by combining the functionality of a jacket with the security of a sleeve.” This “Convertible Sleeve” has four small pockets at the edges in front to hold the tablet when used.

Tablet Screen Protector

With tablets being an expensive purchase, it is essential to keep tablet screens as scratchproof and dustproof as possible. A number of screen protectors are available like the Magic Screen Crystal Clear Edition for Apple iPads, PosRus Antiglare Antifingerprint Screen Protector for the Acer Iconia A500 Tablet and the amCase Premium Screen Protector Film Clear (Invisible) for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch Touchscreen Tablet to name a few.

Mount your Tablets

The Wall and Car Mount can be screwed onto to a wall or a backseat of a car. Held in place by holder, it can rotate 360 degrees, and is compatible with any tablets.

Speaker Docks

Looking for some entertainment options, then these docks are extremely handy. Some of the docks available for iPads include the Jensen JiPS-250i, Altec Lansing Octiv Stage MP450, iHome iA100, Philips Fidelio DS8550 and the iLuv Audio Cube iMM747. Based on your budget these docks offer options like a remote, synching your tablet with a PC when docked, alarm clock and more. The Motorola Xoom Speaker Dock features an in-built speaker, hands-free video chats and music among others.

Headsets, Chargers and Adaptors are also essential while on the move.

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