Carry Your Wallet in Your Phone

EXEC reviews the incredibly useful app – ewallet GO! – and tells you why you can’t leave home without it.

The modern society makes too many unfair demands of its people. Not only do we have to remember to update our Facebook status but we are also required to keep half an eye on Beti B’s coos and gurgles. But the cruellest of them all is the endless list of random numbers and letters that govern our existence. Credit card pin and Netflix login details, PAN card number and the pass code to Grand Master Jacques Saunière’s safe deposit box – it’s plain ridiculous. Now remember just one password and let your iPhone bother with the rest.

With over 25 ready-to-use card templates, there is practically no information that can’t be stored here. Each wallet (account) is password protected and contains categories, subcategories and cards. Each card dedicatedly holds information concerning a particular record – which can be anything from bank account info to shoe size – and can be customised for specialised info you need. The app is stark and minimalist in appearance; so you might be disappointed if you looking for something that’s pretty and distracting. But if your needs are more utilitarian, then this app gets the job done and, with the 256-bit AES encryption, it gets it done well.

The app itself is extremely user-friendly and the website, additionally, has a FAQs page and How To’s section with a lot more information on the apps features and abilities. The search function is robust and ensures that data is easily accessible. The apps auto locks when left idle and even if your iPhone touch falls into the wrong hands, without the correct password for each wallet, there’s no way to access the information.

The app automatically saves an encrypted backup of your data either to Google Docs or Dropbox whenever you make a change. This kind of cloud backup means that you won’t have to worry about losing your data after you enter it.

The app is also available for Android devices, in addition to Windows Phone 7 and Windows PC at USD 9.99.

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