Cool Laptop Cases You Should Check Out

When it comes to gadget cases, style is as vital as sturdiness. EXEC recommends 10 such sleeves that will let you carry your iPad around in style this season.

1. Apptivity iPad


The next time your kid is playing his favourite game on your iPad, stop fussing over the expensive gadget and chill. This case from Fisher Price clothes your iPad in white rubber and a clear, water-resistant film protects the screen, still enabling you to use the touch screen. The cover comes with free-to-download ‘Laugh & Learn apps from iTunes.


2. Modern Lights for iPad


This tea cosy-style tablet sleeve has the design of an old world newspaper. Its soft padding shields your iPad from daily wear and tear, scratches and bumps.


3. Kindle Slim Sleeve


This attractive crocodile skin leather case protects your pristine new Kindle from damage with its cushioned velveteen insides.


4. Dicota DataDesk (14.1″)


Do you find pouches and bags insufficient to store your stuff? This foldout desk with its aluminium shell has room not just for your laptop, but also a printer and mounds of paperwork. It also comes with a single power socket for both the printer and the laptop and storage space for your cables and wires.


5. Totem Laptop Bag from Herschel (15″)


Got a lot of papers, bills and junk to carry along with your laptop? Herschel’s new case comes with numerous pockets to accommodate all your extra stuff – there are two at the front and many more inside.


6. Philips HeatProtect Laptop (10″)


Hate it when you have to work on your heated up laptop? This heat-deflecting foldout desk fixes the problem and prevents sweaty legs and all the irritation that comes with them.


7. Extreme Sleeve for Laptops and MacBooks


The Extreme Sleeve survived a fall from the height of 1,00,000 feet during its product testing and was found to be in full working order. The gadget case is as sturdy as it can get.

8. Lincoln Laptop Bag (15″)

 The stylish bag comes with a waterproof canvas that lets you carry your stuff around in all weathers. The in-built ‘If Lost’ tracking code makes sure you don’t lose your expensive gadgets.


9. Ted Baker Typewriter Laptop (13″)

 The vintage cover with fine Ted Baker detailing has a stylish look and comes at an attractive price.


10. SeeThru 15″ Notebook (15″)


This clip-on case is made of a shatterproof polycarbonate and grips onto your notebook, thus promising maximum protection. Ventilation slots on the body prevent overheating and rubber feet helps it stay on any surface it is on.


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