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Travelling on business? You need to plan and book your tickets and hotel, get your preparatory notes in order, figure out how you can optimise your time spent at airports, learn how to communicate in a foreign language, find out the weather conditions in the place you are travelling to, keep track of your expenses, all this besides planning your activity on the road. Worry not, Executive Traveller does the thinking for you, so you can sit back and focus on making the next million. We list down the most useful apps for business travellers.

The app lists the food, shopping, and service options in terminals of airports along with reviews, ratings and photos. GateGuru keeps you updated about gate changes and delays and can even be synched with other travel apps like Kayak and TripIt. The app is presently applicable in 125 airports – 93 of these airports are in the US, with the remaining 32 between Canada, Europe and Asia (Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Narita, Phuket and Incheon). The app will be adding 30 new international airports to its ambit soon. Free; Android, iPhone, iPad
This app works offline, online and even on airplane mode. It keeps track of important confirmation numbers for air travel and hotels while providing real-time updates to your calendar and even gives directions from the airport to the hotel. The app aims to collate all your different travel related information, automatically update and make it accessible at one spot. Free; iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android

Turn to customer reviews, photos and forums before choosing your flight, hotel, or restaurant. TripAdvisor’s spin-off App SeatGuru let’s you choose from over 700 colour-coded Airplane seats from over 100 Airlines. Thousands of passenger reviews help you pick the best seat. Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, Nokia, Windows Mobile

If you’ve ever had a bone to pick with the Airport authorities and didn’t know where to go, FlyRights lets you file your complaint via the App on the spot. Apart from listing your complaint on the App for other users to see, the App also sends your complain to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). While it’s usable from anywhere, the App is applicable only in the USA though. Free; iPhone, Android

It’s quite annoying to land in a city and realise you have come unprepared for the weather. Accuweather app shows real-time weather forecasts for cities around the world – including how much snow is expect – so that you know what you are getting into. Free ($0.99 for ad free version); iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

Without this, you’d be still scouring different travel websites to find the best deals for economy air tickets, car rentals, and hotels. Kayak compares multiple travel websites at one go (You have to use the Kayak Pro, which costs $1.99, for first class and business class fares and also in-app booking and payment processing). Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Nokia

Expedia Hotels
The app uses GPS to find hotels closest to you, shows their prices, pictures and availability, and lets you book a room. It also gives you directions to the hotel. Free; iPhone, Android

This app is handy to sync your bank accounts, credit cards, and purchases to automatically track your expenses in one place. It allows you to scan your bills to keep records and also track your mileage costs. Free; iPhone

A digital library of thousands of user generated guides to several places across the world, Minube allows users to track locations based on recommendations and covers over 24000 destinations in over 200 countries. Free; iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
Participate in meetings even when you are away on business with mobile videoconferences, and view shared PowerPoint presentations. $49/month; iPhone, BlackBerry

With many things on your mind, it’s likely that some might slip away. Evernote lets you collect text, pictures and web pages as notes on the clouds, then read and view them at will. You can even scan handwritten text and Evernote will identify and store it. Free; iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm

The popular telecommunication software has made its impact on mobile devices as well with text, voice and video calls. It saves money on roaming costs and makes keeping in touch extremely easy. Free; iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia

You save a lot of money with this app. It lets you make free phone calls and send free texts to other smartphones that have Viber installed as well. What’s best is that each time someone in your contact list downloads Viber, you get an alert. Free; iPhone, Android

With this app, you can easily join online meetings, presentations, demonstrations and collaboration sessions with up to 15 attendees. Enter your name and the meeting ID on the app or on to join the meeting, or tap the invitation link through an email or web page. Share screens while you talk to ensure everyone knows what you’re talking about, despite being in different continents. Free; iPad

Stock Market Apps
There are a wide number of apps to help you keep an eye on the Bull and the Bear with apps such as StockWatch, Stock Market Millionaire, Stock Wars, iTrade, Wikinvest, Stock Guru, StockTouch, TradeFields and Stock Turtle.

The app compiles your Twitter, Facebook and other web news feeds into a beautifully laid out magazine for you to read during long flights and while waiting at the airport. Free; iPad, Android, BlackBerry10 and PlayBook

Phrase Book Apps
Communicating in a language that is alien to you? Fear not, for there are several apps such as the Lonely Planet Phrase Book (Free; iPhone, Android) Google Translate (Free; iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone), Tourist Language Learn And Speak (Free; Android) and iLingual (Free; iPhone; only for Emirates Airlines’ customers) that help you with your translation needs. Voice-enabled translations from English to foreign languages and vice versa are available. These apps also do text-to-text translations in a multitude of languages.
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