Five Gadgets to Look Forward to in 2013

Be it internet friendly glasses or Apple’s next iPhone, EXEC gives you a list of cool gadgets you could add to your gadget arsenal on the road next year.


Samsung Galaxy SIV

The fourth product of the Galaxy Series is expected to be launched this February. Manufactured in South Korea, the smartphone will have a 5 inch OLED display, upto 128 GB of storage, 3 GB of RAM, and an ARM Cortex A15 quad core.

iPhone 6

Following the phenomenal success of its predecessor, the iPhone 6 is one of the most awaited gadgets of 2013. While it probably won’t be a huge leap in terms of ability, the new product will feature the expected yearly upgrades. The biggest of all expectations still remains to be Apple’s long-awaited contact-less payments system.

XBox 720

The gadget that gaming freaks have been waiting for since the release of Xbox 360, is expected to be out this year. The console is believed to sport an optical drive for super fast streaming from the cloud, along with graphic levels that will present games in high-resolution level of CGI films.

iPad 3 Mini Retina

This version of iPad Mini will feature the same liquid crystal display that is used in the iPhone. This display will provide a sharper resolution, which will make reading text and eBooks much easier on the device.

Google Glasses

It’s a known fact that Google has been experimenting with these glasses that can connect to the Internet and act as smartphone’s smarter cousin. Look forward to sporting the Google Glasses at the earliest, this year.




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