Fourteen Essential Travel Apps

Although the travel industry has taken a significant hit, travel will be back. But it won’t be quite as easy as it once was; with the selection of best travel apps, you can make plans getting around from place to place.

Now, let’s take a look at the best travel apps you will need while traveling in 2021.


Omio has built-up a solid reputation for finding connecting journeys. You can book flights, buses, and trains in real-time from your smartphone and other devices. Omio has taken the initiative and has added COVID-19 travel disruption information to the suite of services it offers, making it an invaluable travel app.


For planning a future vacation, few apps compare to Wanderlog. From calculating travel times, discovering destinations, and planning itineraries, Wanderlog is becoming indispensable. It stores all of your planning offline, so you don’t need a cell phone connection to be able to use it.

As an added bonus, you can share itineraries with others which make it perfect for groups. As it facilitates sharing travel guides and blogs, you can discuss where to go with your group before actually deciding to pay somewhere a visit.

Packing Pro

Fed up with arriving at your destination only to discover you have forgotten something important? Well, Packing Pro takes care of that, providing packing lists of essential items that take into account weather, trip duration, and where you are going. The creators of the app have given you use lists to start with which you can customize as needed.


HotelTonight is an excellent app for finding a hotel quickly. It is used by many on business and vacation to find the best deals locally to where they want to stay. It is a truly remarkable travel app that finds the right hotel for your budget in seconds.


Airbnb requires no introduction as it has become a worldwide smash. People are eager to rent out properties; and even their couches in their homes for a set number of nights. Often an excellent cheap alternative to hotels, the concept has been described as a halfway house between hostels and hotels.


It is one of the essential apps for travel, especially when you consider how easy it is to overspend when traveling. TravelSpend allows you to track your expenditure translating foreign country purchases into your home country currency and allowing you to share expenses with friends for bill splitting purposes. It is also very good for business use.

 XE Currency Converter

With XE Currency Converter you can keep on top of the changing rates, including the option to track up to 20 currencies with alerts and notifications. You can also use it to check prices, it can sometimes be tricky to work out if you’re getting a good deal when you’re working in an unfamiliar currency, XE will help you convert that into something more familiar on the spot.


Keep an eye on the sky with this flight tracker and get up-to-date information on flights around the clock. With the Flightrader24 app, you’ll be able to keep an eye on delays, cancellations, gate changes, and diversions so you’re always aware of what’s going on. You can even check back on the history of flights!


Search and compare the cheapest flights with the Skyscanner app. If you already know your travel dates you’ll be able to find the best deal for you with ease – filter by price, flight duration, number of stops, greener flights, and more! If your dates are more flexible, take advantage of the color-coded calendars and graphs to pinpoint the best time to travel for maximum savings. Other great features include the Top Offers section to browse awesome deals from budget airlines and Price Alerts for when prices change. You can also use this holiday app to compare hotels and car hire.


Hopper will advise you on the right time to book your trip for top savings. This app predicts the prices for flights with 95% accuracy, meaning it can recommend when to book straightway or wait for a better price. Other handy features include: color-coded calendars to easily spot the cheapest days to travel and helpful tips and information on details like carry-on allowances.


An all-round travel app focused on finding discounted flights, hotels, and car rentals with private deals and mobile-only rates. Price forecasts show airfare trends over the last 90 days to assist in smarter booking decisions. Make the airport experience seamless with live gate updates and step-by-step directions to shops, duty-free, lounges, restrooms, and restaurants (including photos).


So, your flight is delayed by more than 1 hour. Did you know you can get compensated for that? There is an app for that; Colibra that guarantees to pay for every 1+ hour flight delay. Just register your ticket before take-off and get paid within 24 hours after landing.


The most reliable live commercial flight tracker for consumers, whether you are flying or picking up a loved one from the airport, get everything you need to know about each flight: time until landing, gate number, weather reports, and delay notifications. Aiming towards more hardcore airline geeks, the live map view of an airport is pretty cool with icons for each plane and colored lines for their flight paths.


The weather can make or spoil your vacation plans, beach trips, and others. A good weather app with an international reach is a must for travelers and tourists. Here is AccuWeather, which features 15-day forecast summaries, 5-day forecasts, and the hyper-local AccuWeather MinuteCast. That latter feature zeroes in on your GPS location to provide minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts out to the next two hours.

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