Fujitsu: A Smarter Phone

Available only in Bangalore for now, The Tata Docomo Fujitsu is a GSM phone based on Android ICS platform, powered by a processor of the Snapdragon variety and sports an AMOLED display with WVGA resolution. The phone comes packed with a 5 megapixel snapper 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1GB on-board memory and 512 MB RAM.  The juice is provided by a 1400 mAh battery. However, you can buy the phone only at Tata Docomo outlets in Bangalore and works only with a Tata Docomo connection.

Telephony, Form Factor, Display & Build Quality

Calls are clear, with no call drops, echo or distortion. The phone can easily be slipped into the pocket and will remain reasonably inconspicuous. The build is entirely plastic yet looks very sleek and feels very solid in hand. The USB port on the right and 3.5mm audio jack are covered with a lid. The lids are a little tough to open, but that’s the trade-off for this being a waterproof phone. Closer examination of the phone reveals how Fujitsu has put in rubber seals cleverly concealed in the battery door to prevent water getting in. Fujitsu has also integrated the loudspeaker output with the speaker outlet in the front of the device.

The display is sharp and colours are bright and vibrant. Sunlight legibility isn’t up to the mark though. Rendering of text on the screen could improve but is sufficient. The touch screen experience is top-notch and Corning Gorilla glass protects the screen from damage. There are 3 physical keys, which are ‘Menu’, ‘Home’ and ‘Back’.

Camera, Video Player & Music

The camera quality is excellent. Zooming in though, reveals some graining.

The overall music player output is great but the volume level is average and there’s a little degradation when you plug in a pair of headphones but not too alarming.

Videos are recorded in 3GP format by default.

User Interface & Battery Life

The device comes with Android ICS on-board with the UI designed by Fujitsu. The transparent notification adds some uniqueness. Like many Androids, this too has multiple home screens and one can arrange icons by name, download date, usage and type. Icons and widgets can be placed on the home screen, adding a touch of personalisation.  There are a few static as well as live wallpapers to choose from for both the lock and home screens.

The performance is impressive. Moving between applications, screens and the menu is a breeze. Multi-tasking works in true Android ICS style with a task manager allowing the user to switch between apps or kill them. The lock screen allows users to switch between silent and normal mode apart from playing music. This can further be customised in the settings where one can select anything from within an app through the ‘Slide in Shortcut’ feature.  The phone also has an ECO mode which activates battery-saving functionalities (like switching off radio and dimming the display). Also on offer is Wi-Fi tethering where one can share the phone’s internet connection by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can expect a day and half of battery life even after heavy usage, with 3G active for most of the time.

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