Money on Your Mind?

When you are on the road, probably the hardest thing to keep track of– besides your sanity – is money. A whimsical buy here, an emergency swipe there and poof!, there is a gaping hole in your bank account.Smartphone to the rescue…

When the incredibly successful web version of Mint was ported for the iDevice, users didn’t think it could get any better. But it did. The app was recently upgraded with customisable categories and real time updates. Not only does the app provide a quick overview of the your incomes, expenses and financial status by pulling data from your bank accounts, stock brokerages and credit cards but also allows you to manage you budget.


eBay’s mobile version of PayPal is a nifty app that allows you to send money through your PayPal account to anyone on your contacts list. You can also receive funds from your friends, view your transaction history and deal in multiple currencies in 190 countries and 16 languages. The ‘Spilt Bill’ feature will come in handy when you are dining out with friends – it even has a tip calculator.

Pageonce Personal Assistant

Monitor your financial status (bank account, credit cards and all that jazz) but here is the deal-clincher – through this app you can also access your cell phone minutes, frequent flyer rewards and manage online shopping accounts, in addition to keeping an eye on your social networks. The app is free but you might have to put up with some advertising.


Never miss a bill payment again with this handy-dandy app that prods you gently every time your insurance premium or electricity or cell phone bill is (over)due. The calendar feature is sweet – it highlights at a glance which of your bills are scheduled for payment. You can also set up recurring payments with this app (though the option is not available in the free version). Also keep track of your bill history and payment confirmation history.


Like a regular personal finance management app, Moneystrands automatically downloads transactions, imports info from your computer and also lets you enter data manually on the while, categorising them for budgeting purposes. But the most notable feature of the app is the How Do I Compare graph which anonymously compares your spending with those of other users of the app with a similar lifestyle. A great way to assuage the guilt after your recent shopping binge.


Next time you are compiling an expense report, save yourself some grief and download yourself Expensify. It keeps track of your business-related purchases and neatly sorts them into customised categories. It saves digital receipts from merchants and paper receipts can be incorporated into your accounts through your phone’s camera. Finally, compile all the purchases and email it to whomsoever concerned. If your exchequer is prompt, you can even get reimbursed to your online account.

Wikinvest Portfolio

Finally, an optimistic app (depending on the current market conditions really) that for once tells you how much money you are making instead of how much is leaving your account (again, the markets man!). The apps helps you keep track of all your investment accounts and automatically imports holding from the major brokerages. Additionally, compare and analyse your portfolio performance and receive real time news and quotes pertaining to your stocks.

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