Must Have Accessories For Your Smartphone

bose-headphonesYou may have the best smartphone money can buy, but it’s the accessories that make it look cool. Executive Traveller lists some of the coolest ones that will your smartphone experience.

Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2
This sleek black headset allows you to hear calls better. It constantly adjusts the headset volume depending on the background noise. So when a person moves abruptly from a loud environment to a quiet environment, a constant listening level is maintained. This headset features a noise-reducing microphone so that even in harsh conditions, the person on the other end can hear your call. Its lithium-ion battery provides a steady 4.5 hours of talk time.
Price: Rs. 9563/-

Philips Fidelio for Android
Finally, a speaker dock for Android phones. Sleek and glossy black, it has a circular body like its iOS counterparts. The dock has a microUSB connector at the top with a clear plastic stand to give support to the phone. Volume and Snooze buttons have been added on the dock as well. The phone can be charged only when it is connected to the microUSB connector, but music can only be streamed over Bluetooth. It has nice graphics that display the temperature along with time.
Price: Rs. 5999/-

Scratchgard range of screen guards
The Scratchgard range of screen guards protects your phone’s touchscreen from scratches, UV glare and fingerprints. The guard claims to transmit original colours and is easy to clean. The range comes in different sizes and shapes to suit every smartphone on the market.
Price: Rs. 250/- upwards

Sennheiser HD 203 Headphones
The Sennheiser promises a life-like listening experience. Its design makes it easy to use and enhances its aesthetic appeal. The headphone comes with the standard 3.5mm audio jack that allows it to be connected with a wide range of phones and media players. The headband is designed in such a way that allows for a comfortable fit. The headphone claims to eliminate any distortion in sound. The Sennheiser is very light, allowing for easy portability anywhere, anytime.
Price: Rs. 2990/-

Capdase Universal Racer Mini Car Holder
The Capdase allows you a mount to attach your smartphone to while you drive. It has a swivel so that you can adjust it and view it at the optimal angle for you. This is extremely useful especially if you are using Maps to navigate your way. The mount uses an extra-strong suction to keep itself attached to the dashboard. To enhance the safety of your phone, the mount is lined with special cushions. The Capdase can be used for almost any
smartphone on any dashboard surface.
Price: Rs. 799/-

Griffin stylus+pen+laser
The Griffin stylus combines three features in one tiny package. This product is equally useful in conference meeting as it is for drawing a doodle on your phone. If you don’t want any smudges on your touchscreen, this is the perfect tool. The stylus features a soft rubber tip, which offers a greater degree of finesse and accuracy, without damaging the screen. This super-handy tool is accompanied with a clip for your pocket.
Price: $29.99 ( approx. Rs. 1630)

Otterbox Smartphone Cases
Otterbox is dedicated to all the klutzy, butterfingered people out there. The case made of polycarbonate and silicone material, protects the phone in case of falls or mishaps. Otterbox claims to protect your phone from severe impacts and shocks, while keeping a stylish, elegant edge to its designs. They come in a wide range of colours and are available for most leading smartphones on the market.
Price: Rs.1350/- onwards

Philips DLP2257 car charger
Smartphones are notorious for having a low battery life. But because they form such an integral part of our life, there is no time to charge them. The Philips DLP2257 car charger allows you to attach the USB cable, which you ordinarily use to connect your phone to your computer to charge your phone. The charger connects to the car via the cigarette lighter socket. The tool has a small charging indicator to let you know whether it is connected or not and it protects itself against overheating and over current. This is a very useful tool to have in the car in case of an emergency. Price: Rs. 1157/-

Belkin Charger F8m158qe
This power pack is the perfect addition to your bag anytime you feel you won’t get a chance to charge your phone. Smartphones consume a lot of energy and need to charged at least once a day. The Belkin charger has a cable to connect your smartphone to the device. The device is pre-charged before its use and has a display letting you know how much power is left in the pack. The Belkin has enough power to charge a cellphone entirely and a smartphone partially. When its done its duty, plug it into the nearest computer or power source.
Price:Rs. 2199/-

FitBit Ultra
FitBit Ultra is a useful tool that allows you to become more fit. It isn’t strictly for smartphone use, but if you download an app, it can be used with your Android or iOS devices. The FitBit monitors the steps you take everyday, the flights of stairs you’ve climbed and uniquely, your sleep. It generates a sleep graph to track down how much rest you are really getting. It is a small clip that attaches itself to your clothes and all the information is uploaded onto the site, which is updated daily.
Price: Rs. 5,300

Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL/HDMI Adaptor
This cable allows you to connect your smartphone to your HD TV or any other device with a HDMI input. Because you can connect to the TV you can also watch movies, browse the Internet and play games on the TV. Your phone also gets charged at the same time.
Price: $13.99

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection
Crystalusion provides environmentally friendly protective coatings for smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. It promises an anti-bacterial, water-resistant, fingerprint free experience and lasts for upto 12 months. The device is wiped with the pre-treated microfibre cloth and after 10 minutes is ready to use.
Price: $9.49

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