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For people who use an iPhone, there’s a myth that states that their lives are not completely functional without one. But it is time to realize that every time the horrifying low battery icon starts blinking on your screen and gives you a mini heart attack, there is a way to make it stop. EXEC takes a look at some ultra cool iPhone chargers that will keep you powered up no matter where you go.

With widespread power failures, the need to travel and a list of reasons that might not just end, the option of charging their phones on the go is something all business travelers must have. To avoid missing important calls, emergencies and hours of fun that your smart-phone provides you with, pick up one of these snazzy iPhone chargers. From being able to charge on the go, to making better use of your office space, and even while climbing high on the hilltops, these gadgets are perfect for all those who love their iPhones to bits.

BeamBox MiLi Power Pack

The one thing we all love about Apple is the aesthetics it presents to us. And finding a charger that steps perfectly into the world of Apple’s brilliant designs is a job not easy. Lightweight and almost beautiful to look at, this power packed charger can gear up your iPhone for 16 long hours. Coming in a wide variety of colours, it is also equipped with an Intelligent Charging feature so it uses its internal battery while charging and will switch to iPhone’s battery only when its internal battery is already empty.

Belkin TuneCast Auto

Imagine charging your iPhone while it transfers the music to the car audio system. Well, it is not part of a sci-fi flick depicting the distant future. Realizing everyone’s love for music, Belkin has designed a car charger for your iPhone that transfers your music from the phone automatically with the best frequency that is chosen through the iPhone Battery Charger. Tiny and sleek, carrying this charger around is not a big deal and most people will unanimously agree that this one is a beauty.

Griffin PowerDock 4

For all the gadgetheads, Santa just declared Christmas early. Equipped with four charging slots for your Apple devices, this is the best way to make sure that you never step out of office with a dying phone or music player. Considered to be a great hit in the offices, the sheer number of conversations that have been sparked by this is unbelievable. An awesome choice for a family or a group of people who travel together, this snazzy looking charging device promises an unparalleled performance. However, there are cons for this little beauty. Not only are the charging points limited to iPhones and iPods, it does not sync with any computer as well. But for all that it has to offer those can be easily overlooked.

Powermat Wireless Charger Mat

If your hatred for cords and wires have been driving you to lose sleep at night, this is the perfect product for you. This swanky charge-pad gives you the option of simply dropping your iPhone on the mat and charging it, wireless. This special Powermat receiver case and the mat’s magnetic induction and top secret “proprietary technology” enables it to charge your iPhone batteries without any hassle. Though slightly bulky, the world of inductive charging is evolving and soon gadgets will be straight out of a sci-fi flick.

Solio Solar Chargers

With the whole world going green, it is time to embrace a similar path to show your iPhone some love. For all those who love travel and technology, now can actually combine the two and make the most of both the worlds. Easy to set up, carry around and use, this pocket-friendly charger charges directly from exposure to the sunlight and is perfect to carry anywhere outdoors. Though it does take up to 10 hours to charge, users say that it is capable of holding charge for almost a year. This is perhaps the best gift to surprise him with right before your vacation.

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