Safety at Her Fingertips

Over the past couple of months, incidents of crime against women have been increasing at an alarming pace in India. With words like rape, sexual harassment, eve teasing and kidnapping clouding the daily newspaper, the sudden upsurge of safety apps in the markets is not surprising. Executive Traveller takes a look at some of the best apps the markets have to offer.


FightBack, developed by the Mahindra group firm, is an application that ensures women safety as it works across various range of phones. Earlier, the application was charged as per the usage, but recently after the Delhi gang rape case, the company has started giving free access to the app. It uses GPS, GPRS, SMS, emails and even Facebook to inform friends in need of help. It also shows location on Google Maps and sends SOS emergency text messages to close and dear ones. The app is available for Android and Nokia phones and for phones which support Java apps.


A personal safety application designed for women which connects with all of the safety network connections. It differs from the other apps as it places phone calls to those listed contacts along with the name, real-time location and the type of emergencies- “Stroke” or “Walking Home Alone” and also enables to identify different locations. It has a profile page where the user can includes personal information like birth date, eye’ hair color, weight, height, blood type and so on. The subscribed version enables responders to connect to conference calls. The paid version includes tracking of real-time location. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 phones.

On Watch

On Watch is a personal safety app especially for college students. It allows the users to easily alert friends and emergency responders like 911 and police when needed. It also enables to send time based alerts, for instance, if you don’t reach home in an hour. It informs your friends along with the GPS location.

Life360 Family Locator

More than an app, it notifies close and dear ones about the trouble. It provides useful information; for instance, about the criminals in the neighbourhood, tracking the most visited locations and so on.  It also keeps connected with the family members on a daily basis and with the aid of GPS, it informs others about the exact location though messages, calls and emails with the press of a button. Its usage can be beyond safety issues. The app is available for free and can be used in iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.


It is a Smartphone application used to serve as a virtual security guard for women. The users can press a button once they feel they are being stalked or harassed. It sends out instant alerts to let friends, family or police know about the trouble and save them. The app is available for about INR 50 on the Android and other platforms.

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