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Samsung Launches Ultra Notebooks in India

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new Series 5 Ultra notebooks – a family of portable Ultrabooks with a slim design profile and an Intel Core i5 processor, available in 13” and 14” screen sizes (the 14” model features a built-in DVD drive and SD card slot). The Series 5’s storage capacity is noteworthy, with the 14” model delivering up to 1TB of storage capacity and the 13” model delivering up to 500GB. The manufacturers also promise high performance throughout the 6.4 hours of the battery life. To offer maximum connectivity to other devices, the 13” model carries a full-size HDMI port along with one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, 4-in-1 multi SD card slot and Ethernet. Launching the new Ultra notebooks, Ranjit Yadav, Country Head of Samsung Mobile & IT said, “The Series 5 Ultrabooks are a true showcase of Samsung’s capability to innovate and bring to life products that are designed keeping in mind the requirements of our consumers. With the Series 5, our consumers will be able to enjoy superior performance, great looks and complete portability. With the launch of Samsung Ultrabooks, we are creating a new segment within the Notebook space.” The 13” and 14” Ultrabook models will retail at ` 48990 and ` 54390 respectively.
Dell to Launch Windows 8 Tablet

Earlier last year, Dell had tried to launch its own tablet The Streak but they eventually cancelled its plans and it came to nothing. However the company is now planning to launch a new tablet sometime later this year with Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating platform. According to a report in Reuters, Dell’s Chief Commercial Officer, Steve Felice said that the company was encouraged by the touch capability in the beta versions of Windows 8. He also added that the company has a roadmap for tablets that hasn’t been announced yet.

Wishtel Launches Low Cost Android Tablet

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Wishtel launched two new tablets priced at ` 4000 and ` 5500. Ira, which operates on Android, is seven inches in size and supports 23 Indian languages. It also includes features like HD video, Wi-Fi and 3G with an in-built memory of 2 GB, which can be expanded to up to 32 GB. The Mumbai based company announced that it was interested in the second bidding round for the Aakash tablet and will take part in it. The company will sell the tablets through 350 distribution and support centers and has targeted students, homemakers and corporate executives. Companies have recently started launching low cost tablets after the government had announced the launch of the Aakash tablet, the world’s cheapest tablet.

A Portable Payment Device

Entering into the next generation of payment technology, PayPal has introduced a mobile payment dongle called PayPal Here. The triangle-shaped, thumb-sized card reader enables small businesses to securely accept credit card payments using their mobile device for a fee of 2.7 percent. The free PayPal Here dongle is already available for select merchants in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong with a wider rollout expected to start next month. (pic –

Survey Shows Maharashtra Home to Most Internet Subscribers

According to the state’s economic survey, Maharashtra tops the list with the highest number of internet subscribers in the country. The state, according to the survey report emerged as the topper with the largest Internet (of less than 256 kbps) subscriber base of 14.93 lakh and broadband (of greater than or equal to 256 kbps) subscriber base of 22.88 lakh in India, as on March 31.

Amazon May Begin Production of New Kindle Fire

The newest Kindle Fire in the making is said to have ditched the 7-inch frame to emerge in a larger form factor of about 9 to 10 inches of screen size. According to DigiTimes, Catcher Technology, a chassis maker has received orders from the company for the new Kindle Fire tablet. However, there is no word on the size of the chassis. Although the reports of Amazon already placing orders of the chassis are rife, it is still unclear whether the company is opting for a larger screen size. While Catcher refused to comment, reportedly, chassis for the new Kindle are being manufactured at its plants in Taizhou, China and are estimated to have a gross margin of over 40 percent. If this news is to be believed, the production of the next Kindle Fire should begin anytime soon. BGR had also reported that Amazon was working on a 10-inch tablet powered by Nvidia’s quad core Tegra 3 chipset. Apparently, the company has been working on it since last year but the launch schedule was delayed. This 10-incher is also speculated to hit markets this year in the second quarter.

BlackBerry 10 Prototypes Out in May

The upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS will be a cross-platform software that will run on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as their upcoming line of smartphones. The latest bit of information of these BlackBerry 10 handsets comes in the form of a Bloomberg report, according to which RIM will provide developers prototypes of the upcoming handsets by May. As per the report, Alec Saunders, RIM’s Vice President Developer Relations said that there are going to be as many as 2000 BlackBerry 10 devices given to developers during RIM’s BlackBerry Jam conference in Orlando, Florida which are mainly designed to allow developers to build apps using the underlying operating system. The report also goes on to state that RIM will release the new BlackBerry 10 handsets in the latter half of 2012. As of now, going solely by the roadmap, we can gather that by September, the first BlackBerry 10 handsets will be made available to the public.

A Pocket-Sized Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is an inexpensive Android-device for budget-conscious consumers that want to go against the enlarged smartphone display trend. The compact device has a 2.8” display, a 2MP camera, a microSD card slot, and runs on Android 2.3. It weighs in at 97g, measures 103.7 x 57.5 x 12 mm and is expected to cost between ` 7000 to ` 7500. This entry-level smartphone is expected to arrive in the UK later this year.

Healthy on the Go

The Hicel Fitcare is a wearable, watch-shaped electronic device that helps users reduce stress and develop healthier breathing patterns. The Fitcare claims to analyse your pulse through a built-in sensor to show optimised, and individually tailored breathing methods on the display that will help you reduce stress and relax. It also uses a three-axis sensor to measure your daily calorie expenditure and encourages users to increase their activity rate throughout the day. Official release dates and pricing have not been announced but the device is expected to be commercialised by the end of 2012.

SE Live with Walkman Prices Slashed Online

Sony’s newest Walkman phone has received a pretty hefty price cut on and a couple of reputed distributors are already selling this Android smartphone for ` 11,150. Though other online sites like Flipkart and Letsbuy haven’t deviated from the ` 14000 price tag, a lot of buzz has already been generated about this latest price cut on eBay. Though not many people may trust third party sellers on eBay, it’s the top rated distributors that are selling it at this price tag and not a handful, so reason to worry is virtually non-existent.

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