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Whether you own a BB, iPhone or an Android, these apps are an Urban Warrior’s BFF. Constantly on the move, these travel apps makes a business traveller’s life that much easier, and saves the hassle of lugging around guidebooks, and more importantly makes travelling less stressful. Here’s a list of some of the handy travel apps for your smartphones.
SIM Checker Lite

This android-based mobile tracking solution is every thief’s nightmare, and an owner’s delight. This SIM Checker’s app automatically sends an SMS that to an emergency contact you preset informing you of the thief’s phone number once the SIM cards have been swapped. The phone’s location is determined using info from either cell-towers or GPS, and this information is relayed in the alert SMS that’s sent to your phone.


This paid app ($3.99 per month) helps you read all your messages including e-mails aloud if you happen to be driving. It also has an option of sending a response as well. A win-win situation, wouldn’t you say so? This is an Android and Blackberry-friendly app. Some of the features included in this app are: one-touch activation, reads shorthand text messages like ‘ttyl’, ‘rofl’, hands free and bluetooth and radio transmitter compatible.

WorldMate & TripIt

WorldMate creates an itinerary for you whether it is a flight, hotel or car rental booking. It even includes all your meetings. This free app is synchronised with an online planner and calendar; it is handy and easy to share with your business counterparts or secretary. Information is available as per destination time zone, and other relevant items such as gate, terminal and other necessary confirmation numbers. Changes made to the original itinerary are immediate and can be accessed on their website in addition to your mobile device. That’s not all, it even offers pre-trip reminders about weather and flight and directions to your hotel. Similar to WorldMate, is another app called TripIt. Compatible on i-Phones, BBs and Androids, this app works offline, online and even on airplane mode. TripIt keeps a track of important confirmation numbers for air travel and hotels whilst providing real-time updates to your calendar and even creates directions from the airport to the hotel, among other things. A special social component called the “Who’s Close” is associated with LinkedIn and syncs your address book to find contacts close to where you are.

Sit or Squat

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, and nature calls, and you’re desperate? Well, this unusual, yet practical app points you to the nearest restroom. SMSing is also possible. One merely has to text message the word “sitorsquat” to DOTCOM (368266) and follow the given instructions, and answer nature’s call in peace.

Mr. Number Call Block and Caller ID

Heaven sent, this app is self-explanatory. It allows one to call and text block in addition to being a caller id where unknown numbers are turned into names. This powerful call-blocking app called “Mr Number” enables one to block calls and text. It even detects spam calls. Every blocked call or text is notified via your inbox, and a history list is also available


A blast from the past, albeit, digitally is what this postman app is essentially about. Send greetings or a quick note in a matter of seconds. Personalise your postcard using photos, Google maps and others before uploading to any of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.


Provides detailed and real-time information about flights, alternative routes and arrival and departure times including maps.

FXware Currency Guide

It converts over 160 currencies worldwide along with providing an update on the latest rates. Some of the features available on this app include a travel pocket guide, conversion table, tip calculator, and market news among others.


Perfect for business travellers, this service-provider based app allows unlimited Wi-Fi at selected airports, hotels, restaurants among others. Business travellers need not spend exorbitant amounts of roaming fees, thanks to this app.

Google Translate

Communicating in a language that is alien to you? Fear not, for the Google Translator app is here to sort out your translation needs. Voice-enabled translations from English to Spanish and vice versa is available with more languages being added like Korean, Japanese and Arabic to name a few. It also does text-to-text translations in a multitude of languages.


Canary Hotel, Santa Barbara’s only full service luxury boutique hotel has been selected as the first property to roll out SocialStay, a simple and cutting edge mobile application created for discerning tastemakers in the hospitality industry. SocialStay is aimed at connecting with guests using a savvy social media platform to provide superior service, a fun and intuitive way to make the most of a guest’s visit, and knowing what they want before they know they want it… almost.

Some of the features on this app include: Who’s here – a feature where guests can see whose checked in; WANTS – an acronym for Wishes, Amibitions, Needs, Treats & Services, that takes care of their needs and a Concierge – function that features a curated list of events that are going on in-and-around the hotel.

“SocialStay has figured out how the physical and social world collide, making the hotel’s sellable inventory more appealing and accessible to the guest and turning the ‘buying’ aspect of it into a social experience,” said Seth Epstein, Founder of SocialStay. “We’re excited to be delivering this valuable access to the consumer in an extremely easy way. Our app aggregates all the information and improves the guests’ stay at hotel, improves the hotel’s ability to serve the guests and creates a closer relationship – it feels very VIP.”

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