Year of the Apps

Smartphones sworn by, it is now time to take a look at some of the must have apps for the year 2013. EXEC takes a trip down the virtual world.

With more than 700,000 apps available in the Apple and Android markets, it is but natural to want to download everything that catches your fancy. From photo editing to converting your phones into books; from figuring out which way to go to tracking your diet plan… smart phones have indeed turned your phone into an accessory you cannot live without. It is now time to predict the 10 apps that will make the smart-phone experience better for you.

Summly for iPhone

If one app could be called elegant, this would be it. An amalgamation of algorithms and aesthetics, the joy reading news is redefined by the app. By allowing the user to choose his favourite news source, Summly takes care of the user’s daily dose of news. By choosing just one keyword on topic, the user opens up a world of news that is fun and concise. Easy to use, we give this a +1.

 Angry Birds Star Wars

Everyone who’s had a smart-phone, has sworn by this game at some point of time or the other. After Rio, the great big adventure is set in a galaxy far, far away. By choosing to be a part of the Rebellion or the Empire, Star Wars geeks will have an awesome time fighting their way through Tatooine, The Death Star and overthrowing the Dark Side. The Force is strong with this one.

TED for iPhone

TED’s global conferences and ideas worth spreading are now available for the iPhone. Adapted from the award winning iPad app, this iPhone app allows users to browse, watch and share TED talks ranging from three minutes to 18 minutes. With the talks covering diverse topics from emotions to insanity, each video inspires and invigorates the viewers. Perfect for use on the move, now iPhone users have greater access to TED’s ‘ideas worth sharing’.


Fitness addiction sounds strange to many, but with this iPhone app, you will learn to embrace your fitness regime like second skin. By promising users to reach their goal of leading a fitter life, the community revolving around the app encourages to get out there and get fit.

Google Maps

After Apple’s little glitch with maps, they are back and better than ever. The best way to discover new lanes, bylanes and surprises, though this map has been around for years, it still makes it to the top lists of 2013. After all, what good is a smartphone which cannot help you navigate?


When your phone starts blinking dangerously and you make a mad dash hoping to save the last few dregs of battery, yet you fail and cursing the damn Android seems to be the only thing on your mind. But JuiceDefender promises to save the day. By switching off all the power hungry apps on your phone as the battery levels begin to dip, this optimizes the battery life of your phone. The best feature, perhaps, is its ability to switch off 3g while your phone goes idle.

 SwiftKey 3

Imagine typing out long complicated words by just gliding your fingers over your touch-screen phone. A wonderful thought, isn’t it? Considered to be one of the best virtual keyboards for the Android, the SwiftKey 3 allows you to type out entire sentences without touching the space bar even once. Swiping your fingers over just a few keys and forming entire words is indeed a handy superpower to boast of.


So we all know about social networking. But how many care about a social reading app? This app integrates articles, videos and images to place a rather clean interface in front of the user and enhance his reading experience. Though most prefer to use it strictly to kill time, the user-friendliness of the app is something they all swear by.


No, this isn’t about House MD, however, this is an incredibly useful app that is much more than just diagnosing ailments and that annoying little itch in your ear. By allowing you to input symptoms, the app pretty accurately offers you a list of ailments that might be plaguing you and it also lists out all the health care professionals and facilities that are present in your area. A great way to deal with emergencies, this is a must have


Forget Bluetooth and Whatsapp, Bump here allows two users to share any data on their phone by simply tapping their phones together. A smart and effective way to transfer files and data across phones, it surprisingly works cross-platform between Android and Apple users.

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