Dress to Impress

So we have all heard about power dressing and we all know what it is all about. But do we know what to incorporate in the attires to set us apart from the brat pack? Executive Traveller finds out.

 For Him

Navy and charcoal. And we could be done with it. But there is much
more than that to a man’s work wardrobe. From knowing which tint of
red to incorporate in your attire to staying away from going
overboard, this one is a bit tricky.

While we suggest that you stick to the basics of gray, black and blue,
we vehemently discourage you playing the good little schoolboy. Show
the world your flamboyant style and experiment with scarves, ties and
even plaid.

No body likes a man in clothes that either hang loosely about him or
are too tight for him. And more importantly, little do men know that
the fit of their clothes speak volumes about them at their workplace.
Not only is a well-fitted outfit easy to move around in, it also
exudes this irresistible casual confidence.

To put the formula for fit very simply, make sure that your jacket is
large enough to crowd the shoulders, yet it is something that settles
smoothly against your stomach. Pants

(pleated or otherwise) should drape well enough create a clean line,
visually, from the top of the suit all the way to the bottom.

From Bond to Tony Montana, all the men who swear by power dressing are
indeed those who have an unbeatable attitude. Taking a tip from the
old saying, “dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” it is
no crime to not just look sharper but to carry your clothes better
than your colleagues.

For Her


When you’re a woman, your life should indeed be a riot of colours.
Though we strongly suggest that you stay away from prints as much as
possible, we also encourage you to go to town with shoes, bags,
scarves, watches and whatever else that catches your fancy. However,
as far as power dressing is concerned, you need to be careful because
one little slip up can take you straight to trashy from classy.

Sure, you’re spoilt for choices. But how do you pick from the wide
range of pretty little things you can brighten up your attire with?
Though it is not simple, we have one rule that we believe everyone
should swear by when it comes to power dressing: the minimal is the
order of the day. You might just love that pair of gold hoops, but in
a meeting, it is a strict no-no. While choosing your accessories, you
must remember that your office wardrobe should never reflect the
frivolous. In fact, it must always be sober and practical. So however
much you like those magenta high-heeled pumps, it is best to wear them
when you don’t have a presentation to make.


Women should be careful on putting makeup. The business arena is the
last place for heavy make-up and cosmetics. Keep the make-up as light
as possible. Go for natural colors to have a fresh look. It is easier
to re-touch and doesn’t smudge as much.

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