Dressed to Chill

With the party season looming up ahead, larger than life, here are some tips for the men to look their best!

Come winter and offices are dressed up in yuletide and cheer, all set to unwind. Though the women are essentially the ones to raise the style mercury, men do not need to shy away from the spotlight. EXEC helps men plan an outfit that is sure to impress.

C for Conservative
For the men who are skeptical about experimenting, tried and tested outfits are the order of the day. Shades of black, gray and darker shades of blue are always impressive. So are well-tailored suits. For office parties, remember not to put on the glitziest outfit that you own. It might look great on you, but colleagues might just find you loud and even offensive.

Morning Shows the Day
Not always do you get the time to run back home from work to groom yourself before the party. So it is essential that you groom yourself the morning of the party. Make sure that your facial hair is not unkempt, your hair isn’t a three-day-old greasy mess and your nails dirty.  No matter how impressive your suit is, an ill-groomed man is not a pleasant sight. Especially at an office party.

Add Some Cheer
Though office parties are a strictly no-nonsense affair, the season of the yuletide gives you the perfect excuse to add some fun to your outfit. For the brave ones, cufflinks, ties and belts adorned with the spirit of Christmas is a great pick. While the less adventurous ones can settle for a red tie to cheer Santa on.

Plan it Out
To avoid the wrinkled and creased boo-boos, make sure that you have your outfit planned out. More important than an impressive outfit, is a clean outfit. You might believe that you are rocking that Armani suit you’re wearing, but that ungainly stain at the back might make your colleagues snigger. Similarly, make sure you know the dress code before setting out for the party as well. You would not want to embarrass yourself by being completely clueless about colour or shoe codes. Worse, if you don’t know, you might end up over or under-dressing for the occasion.

Say No to Your Regulars
For most, it is easiest to slip into what you generally would wear to work for the party as well. That dear gentlemen, is a strict no no! You might not have the most impressive wardrobe in office, but that in no way means that you can wear the first thing you would normally wear to work. If there is a dress code, like most office parties, you might just be in luck. Your best jacket could literally save your skin. For occasions that do not have a dress code to boast of, you could opt for a semi-formal look, different from what your colleagues see. A dress shirt with a pair of fitted denims is a great idea. So is that jacket you thought was too jazzy for you. Whatever you choose, make sure it is impressive.

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