Purple Haze

Love it or hate it, the verdict’s out and Purple is what the fashion gods swear by this Winter.

“Don’t order any black things… Wear violet and purple,” said George Bernard Shaw a century or two ago. Come 2012, the world is all set to embrace the colour that has defined the regal for centuries now. From highlights in your hair, to the cute peep-toes, this colour does wonders for you… from head to toe.

 Fifty Shades

“Shades of purple are no longer restricted to the princely robes,” says stylist Prasad Bidapa. “But for once, the men have a lot to look forward to as far as fashion is concerned.” Like witnessed in a Suneet Verma show recently, purple dominated the runway and Rohit Bal too has shown the world his love for the colour.

Always trending in India, purple is a colour that people are no longer in the process of discovering. “There are so many people out there who either hate purple or cannot carry it off, but for majority of the fashion conscious audience, they need to wear something or the other to show the world that they are in tune. With purple there are so many more products to choose from,” says designer Deepika Govind. And for exactly this reason, purple eye-make up, nail-paint, shoes and accessories are a rage. “You can never experiment with all colours the way you can experiment with purple,” says Bidapa. “Men could invest in a nice jacket or some striking new ties. In fact, even bandhgalas and sherwanis look rather nice!”

Work Code

So you know how to flaunt your style, but for the ones who want to take their trademark style to work, covering yourself head to toe in purple is not a wise thing to do. Agreed, the dreary grays, blacks and almost identical suits in your work wardrobe do nothing to boost your style quotient, but there is nothing to get disheartened about there is indeed a way to get past this.

According to designer Jattinn Kochhar, “Purple might not work on all skin tones, so you need to be careful while choosing the hue that defines you.” And indeed, starting from shades of lilac and graduating to richer and more regal shades of the colour, there is something for every skin tone.

“Accessorising is the best bet as far as work is concerned. Nothing livens up your attire more than a dash of purple,” says Kochhar. But depending on your work environment, you can throw in shirts, blazers, jackets and blouses too. There’s nothing better than a bold streak to accentuate your confidence.

So all you ladies and gentlemen out there, lend me your ears, for winter is here. And winter is definitely the best time to sneak in some of those lovely hues into your outfit. “Men and women both can invest in stoles, scarves and v-necked sweaters or cardigans,” says Kochhar. “Not only is this the best time to wear them, you can rest assured that no matter what the colour of the season is, it will not go out of style.”

With velvet being a fabric the season particularly loves, women already know that coats, jackets and shoes are the rage. But men, this is in no way your cue to shy away. With plenty of ties, cufflinks, scarves, slim and otherwise, to team up with your suits, trousers and denims, outfits are bound to get more interesting.

Add a dash of the proud purple to your regular shades of gray and black and walk into office knowing that you will make heads nod in approval.


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