The Modern Businessman’s Vade Mecum

A consummate business professional needs his toolset to be just as surefooted as he is, and this is exactly right for his work wardrobe when he’s on his way up the corporate ladder. Channelise some of these sartorial traditions that will stand you in good stead and help you tackle those misplaced upgradation blind spots that keep you from looking your best.
Looking The Part

This, doubtless, is an overarching guideline for what you decide to put together in your wardrobe – dress to suit the job you want to have and not the one you have; if you aspire to be top-drawer, you probably want to steer clear of open-toed sandals or sloppy moccasins – if only to rid your demeanour of any sort of abrasiveness. Remember civility is the new foremost rubric in the business world.

Stick To The Norm

Get the dope on the accepted dress code of the organisation before you begin work and pick out items of executive wear accordingly. Cookie-cutter isn’t the worst thing. You can be sure that it’s going to work for you, not to mention there’s ways to look stylish and have your choice of ensemble stack up to impressive degrees of power dressing while also adhering to function.

First Impressions Count

The truth of the matter is that The Casual Workplace discourse today has successfully confounded most executives about what they once knew about dressing for an interview. But clothes are a key indication and reinforcement of social standing, and so there’s not a host of items to consider while deciding what you should wear in order to be able to look comely, mature and taken seriously; there isn’t a shred of doubt that dark suits and warm, neutral tones hold sway – you look neither too boyish, nor too old.

Accessorize, But Not To Attract Attention

Dress like you know what you’re doing, and among the things that entails, avoiding flashy jewellery like rings and body piercings – like the plague. They only detract from how you want to be perceived and are a mortifying reflection of your professional investment. It’s true. Put the kibosh on jewellery in a business setting, save for a classy watch, cuff links and a modern briefcase.

Colour Rudeness Is Not Going To Clinch It

You’ll be surprised how much louder than your shirt you’ll appear if you plump for bold colour combinations or funky patterns, especially in offices requiring business attire – they will expect conservative suits in darker hues. Opt for crisp whites, pastel shades, navy, black and burgundy for shirts and stick to pinstripes in gray, blue and black when it comes to suits. You don’t want to appear overwrought.

A Good Fit Will Anchor Your Look

You can be sure to look dapper, polished and professional all at the same time with a suit that fits you well. Get your measurements right and find a silhouette that flatters your body type. A pleated trouser is great for a lean frame while the flat front is timeless and not something you could easily go wrong with. Have it tailor-made.

Grooming Really Is Everything

Business is getting genteel – a new fangled courtesy that seems to be the result of a recession-borne concern that has to do with sustainable camaraderie and finding work. Rudeness is most definitely out. Hedge-fund traders, private-equity chiefs and other masters of abrasive behaviour have been humbled. You now need to take your time with people; take on the world with wider smiles and warmer handshakes armed with shined shoes, neat hair, clean and trimmed nails and deodorant. Each of which is vital no matter how fashionable your clothes or how well they fit.

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