Travel Bags For The Woke Traveller

And what does the woke traveller care about? Many things but top of the list of all wokesters is the environment. Travelling has already got a bad rep. What with Greta Thunberg showing us all up and taking a sailboat wherever she goes in order to save carbon emissions that flying produces. Us business travellers can’t afford that luxury of time. Flights are the preferred mode of travel, mainly because it is the cheapest way to travel. And by cheap we mean, it saves time. 

But the average traveller can do other things to save the environment. The retail industry is one of the fastest industries to produce environmentally friendly products. Plastic bottles are a favourite to recycle. The ocean is filling up with these bottles. So why not take some of them out and convert into trendy luggage. Even Samsonite and Tumi are doing it. Here is a list of travel bags that you can take on your journey, while giving a nod to the environment. 


They’ve been named the “best eco-friendly carry-on”. Started by Indré Rockefeller and Andy Krantz, they have a range or luggage, carry-ons, duffels, totes, vanity bags, and any other item you may need for packing for a trip. They use polycarbonate shells for the suitcase and even the wheels are made from upcycled plastic bottles. This company cares about sustainability because they will also plant a tree for every item sold.

Samsonite Eco

Samsonite’s Eco collection has suitcases, backpacks, and other travel kits. The outer shell is polycarbonate but even the inner lining is made from a technology the company calls RECYCLEX™ that converts used pet bottles into the jacquard lining. You should feel good about carrying this bag because sometimes more than 12 pet bottles are reused to make a single bag. 


Tumi’s promise to the environment is two fold — their recycled bags are made from fabric made from recycled plastic, and secondly, they promise to repair or relocate a lost bag to ensure fewer bags end up in landfills. 

Lite Gear

Created in California, Lite Gear boasts of using 20 plastic bottles per bag, thus re-using 1400000 plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. They also have over 30 years of experience in the outdoor space so feel they are equipped to build a bag that solves all travel hassles. Starting with the price. They don’t believe saving the planet needs to be an expensive affair. Lite Gear is now available in the US and Europe. 

Eco Orbis

This suitcase is made from 100% recycled plastic but still aims to be durable, strong and lightweight. The company even offers a five year warranty on their suitcases. Not much more is known about the company that makes these bags. It is currently available in Canada. 


Solgaard is determined to reduce ocean plastic by 50% by 2025. They have a team in the Philippines pulling 5lbs of plastic from the ocean for every item sold. They’re then trying to convert this plastic into sustainable and trendy products. Right now shipping across the US. 

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