Who Says Men Can’t Travel in Style?

Living out of those suitcases, in those same old suits can get a little tiresome after a while. But with the motto of ‘travel light’ clouding your thoughts every waking moment, there is little you can do to keep abreast with style. Or so you thought. Executive Traveller let’s you know that space doesn’t quite matter to pull off a look to make heads turn.

What’s the Time?

Though most men swear by watches and spend quite a hefty amount on them, while travelling for work, they shy away from showing off their goodies. Those black leather bands might appear sober enough for meetings, but unfortunately they spell B-O-R-I-N-G. So if you want to sneak in a hint of style without going overboard, the little time piece on your hand is your best bet. Experiment with colours, styles and even looks to add that bit of oomph that is very, very natural.

The Swatch Touch is perhaps the best way to beat the boring blues. Not only is this an amazingly cool touch-screen watch, it comes in some lovely colours. With access to six digital functions, this will surely sweep you off your feet.

For the sci-fi fans, turning to Nixon would be the perfect thing to do. The Rubber Murf is one of the best blends of the vintage and the futuristic. And undeniably this unique timepiece is the observer’s envy.

Wallet Wonders

Sure, it mostly remains safely tucked away in your back pocket and manages to stay out of eyesight but that ugly bulge at the back is something no one ever quite admires. While you wonder how to get the wallet slimmer, we tell you, go buy The Fold. This new look wallet is simply a tri-fold bit of leather… sleek and stylish. So the next time you pull out your wallet to get to the MasterCard, you will definitely make a style statement.

Tech Accessories

Having the cool new iPad or a smart phone is not enough these days. Your arsenal is not quite complete unless you have those cool square ear phones or the Knomo laptop cases. However, for the iPhone junkies, we suggest some Karl Lagerfield iPhone cases to flaunt.

Bag It Up!

Why lug that old ratty suitcase around when you have so much to choose from? Starting from Hop, the suitcase that follows you around and ending with Bottega Veneta creations, 2013 is the year that gives men the freedom to choose what they carry around. Did you know that clutches are also in fashion for the gadget geeks who love to carry their cache around?

Tie Twists

Before you run to your wardrobe and reach for your snazziest tie, stop. It is not about being the brightest bird in the room this year. Slim and sexy, the urban man of 2013 is essentially defined by the perfect, slender knots. For the ones who prefer a more colourful look, plaid is hot and for the more adventurous ones, a good blend of patterns and solids make a great look.

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