10 Tips To Make Your Travel Hassle-free

  • Some countries have restrictions on their import so remember to check the rules, especially for telecom equipment, to avoid trouble.
  • Coffee and alcohol can cause dehydration. Stay fresh with loads of water and hydrating juices, to beat stress.
  • Keep a print-out of your confirmed boarding pass, as online booking systems can fail.
  • Your company might not have a roaming deal or an automatic partner network deal, so, check the roaming fee for every
  • country you visit. Accordingly, you can choose a network which suits your budget.
  • Avoid booking the last flight of the day. Flight delays may end up in the termination of your business trip.
  • Always focus on where you are and not where you have been as this helps you beat jetlag. Set your watch to the time zone where you are headed. Don’t think about the time zone you left behind.
  • Try to avoid booking flights on Monday mornings and Friday evenings, as these are the rush hours for business travellers.
  • Keep your family and friends updated about your schedule and whereabouts. This includes flight details, hotel information and phone numbers.
  • Turn off the data roaming on your smartphones or i-Pad to avoid being overcharged when using e-mail, web browsing and other data services.
  • Buy portable chargers, which are solar powered, along with adaptors and USB ports to recharge all your gadgets.

Carry Electronic Documents

Take electronic documents on diskettes or cds or on your palm pilot and have them printed. Similarly, if you are working a booth in a trade

show, it’s a good idea to carry electronic documents in case you run out of the stack you shipped from the office.

Consider Alternative Airports

If you’re flying, consider alternative airports that are outside the city you’re going to visit. As a rule, these airports have fewer flights, less overbooking and less delays than their larger counterparts.

Pre-paid Debit Card

Use a pre-paid currency debit card or one of the new generation of expenses apps for smartphones, which allow you to photograph your out-of-pocket receipts with your phone. It’s a lot more efficient for the company, you get your money back a lot quicker, it’s recognised by many tax authorities, and you won’t have to go around with a great wad of receipts in your pocket.

Use The Airport Lounge

Once at the airport, you could use the airport lounge, especially if there is work to be done. This gives you a couple of hours of extra work-time in a calm, relaxing environment.

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