10 Travel Tips

1. Best Modes of Transport

It is always a good idea to be aware of the best modes of transport in the city where a business meeting is scheduled. Check websites like lonelyplanet, goindia.about.com or www.itopc.org/travel-requisite/ to find out the best ways to travel in cities.

2. Eat Healthy

Eat healthy while travelling for business. Consumption of a high carbohydrate meals is harmful before a meeting or a conference, as it would make you sleepy. Fruits, salads and protein meals are recommended to stay healthy.

3. Address in Your GPS

Program the addresses of all of the stops on your trip including airports, hotels and restaurants into the “favourites” section of your GPS unit. This will reduce your commute hassles.

4. The Human Touch

Try to remember the names of your client and all the people you meet and address them by name. When meeting your contacts do not directly arrive at the conversation pertaining to your business. They might want to know something about you first in case you are meeting them for the first time.

5. For a Good Sleep

Remember to pack eye covers and ear plugs to catch a wink during flights. There is nothing like a good nap to revitalise yourself before heading for all-day meetings.

6. Be in Control

Before you leave, browse through the major headlines of the day of the city where you are headed. A transport strike in the city may imply that your meeting has to be postponed. Similarly check for local festivals,

so you can prepare in advance.

7. Jet Set Go

Set your watch to the time zone of your destination to avoid jet lags and confusions. worldtimezone.com and www.what-time-is-it.com are some of the online portals you can check to know the time of your destination city.

8. Free of Wrinkles

Having a clothes steamer is an essential when you are travelling for business. It will fit conveniently in your luggage and using it would help keep your clothes free of wrinkles and creases.

9. Label your Luggage

You should label your luggage, which will be helpful in case it is lost. Always keep your passport and other documents with yourself to avoid any security hassles.

10. Laptop on your lap

Never put your laptop in your hold luggage, even if you’re not using it during your flight. Sending your laptop to a repair shop before you even get to your meeting can be a great inconvenience.

Travel Light

A list of top 9 things you’d hate to find in your bag while you are unpacking. Especially if you have just checked into your hotel room after a tiring long haul flight.

  1. Someone else’s dirty underpants
  2. Shampoo explosion
  3. Shampoo explosion that has claimed your best shirt and your iPod.
  4. A cute, furry creature that becomes violent and menancing when exposed to water.
  5. Mismatched socks
  6. Midget stowaway
  7. A little microchip with information to change the world which international espionage organisations and contract killers are most probably after
  8. A rotting piece of fruit
  9. A taperecorder whose recording kicks off with ‘I want to play a game…’

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