25 Ways to Travel Better

From one city to the other, the tiresome journey never seems to come to an end. But instead of sighing, there are some simple things you can do to make yourself happier while you are on the go. Executive Traveller explores the options.

Book flights intelligently
For every business traveler, booking a cheap flight is not enough. A flight that is cheap but leaves you in a new place post midnight is no good. Neither is a flight that takes off at four in the morning and leaves you feeling tired all day. Price is never more important than convenience.

Don’t obsess over miles
Each time you fly, you can’t help but look at the points and wish that you could get just a few more. And this little habit might soon turn into an addiction. For travellers, a different airline, a hotel you really love and even an unbranded boutique property might just be the perfect way to make your day better.

Be organised
No one quite likes the clumsy or the clutterbrained. Similarly, no one likes to face trouble all because of poor planning. It can result in missed meetings, unnecessary delays and general confusion. Best thing to do is carry a detailed itinerary, keep documents in one place, and sync your smartphone with your desktop calendar.

Decide your own black-out dates
Every time you miss a special occasion, your conscience manages to make you go through hell… birthdays and anniversaries in particular. So when you make plans to travel make sure you mark these off in your diary and don’t book a trip that clashes with them. Make sure you are getting your priorities right.

Dress for the air
The first rule of travelling is to travel comfortable. Get a made-to-measure crease-free suit (or wrap dress) so you still look sharp when you land. If you don’t have the time to go shopping, visit online stores for great deals.

Wear slip-on shoes
No trip is complete without a pair of comfortable shoes. Better than fumbling with laces, pick something that is easy to slip on and off.

Invest in good underwear
When we say it is best to be comfortable at all times, we mean it. Let go of fancy and stick to easy to cotton that makes it easier for your skin to breathe and prevents weird itches as well.

Be punctual 
Missing a flight means a lot more than money wasted. It means fresh planning, a million calls to let people know the change in plans and of course the possibility that your meeting might completely bomb. So it is best to build in enough time to get to meetings and departures on schedule. Set your alarm a bit earlier and don’t be over-optimistic about how many appointments you can squeeze into one day.

Use a mobile wallet
For those with Apple’s iOS 6 iPhone software, the Passbook app stores all your 2D-barcode enabled mobile boarding passes, cinema tickets, coupons, loyalty and reward cards in one place, and will even alert you when your flight is leaving. Lemon (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and Google Wallet are other options.

Wake up gently
Nothing puts you in a worse mood than a loud wake up call. Try downloading a piece of music, the sound of the sea or noises of the jungle to your phone and ease yourself into consciousness.

Buy the best briefcase
To make life easier, it is always wise to carry a briefcase with your essential work things close to you. To bring out the 007 in you, check out Globe Trotter’s James Bond collection of slim attachés, handcrafted from vulcanised fibreboard.

Refresh your wash bag
There is nothing more disgusting than a toothpaste stained, soap laced dirty toiletries pouch. Invest in something durable you can use for both short- and long-haul trips and that will look classy if you get searched at the airport.

Protect against theft
Nothing makes a trip go downhill than theft of items. The best way to combat this is to fit your suitcase with a TSA-approved lock or choose luggage with one built in. Rumour has it that Tumi is introducing its Ticon ID Lock anti-fraud range of bags and wallets to protect credit and debit cards, using material that blocks the signal from rogue RFID readers that can scan your details.

Feed your mind
Generally talk shows don’t really help uplift spirits, but some talks that inspire might just spark off an idea in you that might just make your day. TED Talks, Stuff You Should Know, Freakonomics Radio, In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, 60-Second Science and The Infinite Monkey Cage are fun and undeniably good for the mind.

Choose the perfect case
Reliable luggage is an essential part of travel. Be it for work or otherwise. With a wide range of luggage available, pick and choose something smart and reliable. Not only will a cool case make packing that bit more pleasurable and travelling that bit more bearabe, you will look more stylish when you wheel up the airport

Download an audio book
In the modern world, if you feel reading is too tiring a thing to do, download a book instead. Audio books are compatible with iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone and most MP3 players.

Listen to music
Nothing lifts your mood better than listening to good music. To explore newer genres make sure to download a new album before each trip and listen to it take over your senses.

Pay for lounge access
Flying economy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on chilling in an airport lounge. No 1 Traveller has facilities in Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Birmingham. You could also sign up to priority pass programmes which offer your access for an annual fee.

Seek shade
All cool globetrotters need some cool sunglasses. What good is stepping out of that limo with the awesome gadgets if you don’t look your cool bit? Peruse duty-free for the frames that best suit your features.

Document your memories
Everyone on  the planet is a writer in his or her own special way. So why think twice before picking up a diary to record things you want to remember? If you prefer typing it all out, there are a wide range of apps to turn to as well. Don’t wait, go ahead and make notes of all that you want to.

Point and click
With Instagram taking the world by storm, good photographs are no longer a difficult thing to click. But however, the simple exercise of clicking things around you makes you sensitive to the beautiful and interesting things around you. Why hold back when there are so many sights to share?

Commit to being fit
You might not want to be the next top model, but taking the effort to exercise will not only help your physique, but your mind as well. A fifteen minute workout is great for circulation and yes, even weight loss!

Learn the lingo
Knowing just a few words or phrases in the local language can not only help you get around, it can be a great way to pep up your presentations and even blog posts. So why stay away from the languages of the places you visit? You never know what cool word you might just stumble across.

Have a love affair
If you’re single and ready to mingle do not hold back from asking the cutie on the plane for his or her phone number. Take advantage of the new place and meet someone new and if possible, have a whirlwind romance. Don’t sit around and stare though. Just walk up and ask for the number of that person you really like the look of on the plane or in the bar, and make it happen.

Be a flaneur
Nothing makes a trip better than some impromptu exploration. Why bother with limos and maps when you can easily get lost and discover sights and sounds that are so much better than the ones described in guidebooks?

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