Jet Airways to Introduce New Short Haul ‘One Fare Pass’ for Domestic Travel

Jet Airways recently announced the introduction of a 4 coupon “ONE FARE PASS” booklet for facilitating increased and convenient travel on Jet Airways and JetKonnect flights in regional domestic markets.

The new ONE FARE booklets containing 4 coupons will be applicable for travel in both Premiere and Economy Class on domestic flights that are less than 750 kms. in distance.

Each Premiere ONE FARE PASS booklet will have a total value of INR 49,216 inclusive of all taxes. The Economy Class ONE FARE PASS (Jet Airways and JetKonnect) will contain 4 coupons each, worth of Rs 19,606 inclusive of all taxes for Jet Airways, and Rs 17,254 inclusive of all taxes for JetKonnect.

These may be purchased by individuals and organizations alike, where Coupons remain transferable until details are endorsed on the coupon. Once endorsed coupons will be non-transferable.

The 4 coupon One Fare Pass will be valid for sale from November 21 to March 31, 2013. Travel validity is six months from the date of issue.

Furthermore, validity of the partly unutilized ONE FARE PASS coupons can also be extended beyond the expiry date by up to two months at a charge of Rs. 1000 per flight coupon for premiere class and Rs. 500 per flight coupon for economy class.

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