50 Tips For Making Travel On The Road Easier

EXEC suggests some infallible ways to get more out of your frequent business trips.

  1. The secure way of editing important documents is using Google Docs server.
  2. Stay connected to your office networks on an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN). MiFis can be used to create Wi-Fi hotspots at places where cellular coverage is available.
  3. Disable voicemail while travelling aboard as you will have to pay when a caller leaves voicemail as well as when you retrieve it. You can try options like Spokn, Fring and Voxox, which gives you a ‘virtual number’, wherein you call a local number in the city and you are connected via the Internet.
  4. Stay in the same hotels as often as possible.
  5. Get to know the hotel staff, learn their names, and appreciate their service.
  6. Don’t buy souvenirs at the airport; it costs more.
  7. Keep track of your bills and file them in a separate wallet if these are to be claimed under corporate expenses.
  8. See if you can do some tax-free shopping online through airline websites.
  9. If you are arriving home late, keep something in the freezer that can be heated up for a quick meal.
  10. Email the people you met for the first time during the trip. It builds goodwill and will come in use the next time you visit the area.

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