7 Ways To Cut Costs While Travelling

You have survived Doomsday and are probably coming out of a vacation that you took to celebrate the end of the world. While we can’t bring back the 3,676 dirhams spent on The Golden Phoenix cupcake in a moment of misplaced bliss, Exec has some tips that will help you plan the year better when it comes to business travel.

 Travelling on a budget seems to be the norm of the day. CEOs want fewer workers to take fewer trips, and the expenses of these trips kept to a bare minimum. Here are some tips to ensure an effective cost-cut trip, while managing to keep humdrum at bay:

 A Realistic Budget

You can’t possibly send someone or travel to New York and New Delhi with the same budget. Apply your mind, do your research and be reasonable. Even if your destination’s on the more expensive side, there are plenty of ways to cut down on costs. Like take a subway instead of hiring a cab.

Make The Most Of Free Service

As a business traveller you are offered a free shuttle from the airport to hotels. Bid goodbye to a pricey attitude, ditch the cab you were going to hire, and opt for this service. Hotels often allow their guests to hold meetings with clients at its lobby, so skip that expensive lunch and get the meeting done in style but on a budget.

 Cut On The Calls

Avoid Roaming Charges or keep them to a minimum. Schedule calls on Skype and use your mobile only for emergencies. Another option is the Vonage Mobile app for Facebook which allows travelers to make free international calls over Wi-Fi to Facebook friends who also download the app.

 Carry Along

If you are a smart traveller, you already know this. Checking in bags not only increases the cost but  the hassles as well as you spend crucial time at the airport collecting your luggage

Pick Your Hotel Wisely

 If you get to play a part in selecting your own hotel for business travel then voice your opinion on the amenities that you need. For example, if you work out during business travel then you need a free gym or pool. If you are going to need to fax, print and copy during the stay then you need to make sure that your hotel has a free business centre.

Time it Right

It’s the beginning of the year and it’s probably the best time to plan your business trips. Make sure you don’t plan any meeting around a major holiday as plane ticket prices are bound to soar around that time. In case you are travelling abroad, check for important holidays in that country too.

Chow Down

Doing a little homework before you finalise your trip, will do you and your company a whole deal of good. A quick search through local websites or the newspaper will yield interesting results that will not only save you money but also give you a little taste of the local cuisine and culture. Also, go easy on the wine.

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