A Gastronomical Flight

Who wouldn’t want a five-star restaurant treatment mid-air? For a business traveller, a great airline experience includes an in-flight menu that meets his gastronomical expectations.

Kingfisher Airline is one such airline that never fails to surprise the latent foodie within the traveller and gives him a world-class service. At Kingfisher, you are never a passenger but a guest deserving the best.The Kingfisher First menus offer a mix of perennial favourites and world cuisines. Every menu has offerings from four different cuisines. The international flights have a concept of ‘Any Time Dining’ which gives guests complete control over their dining experience. The variety of menus makes it difficult to name a bestseller, with choices ranging from lobster to the traditional Indian thali. “It is very difficult for us to decide which dish is more popular. Our signature Indian meals are served on a traditional silver thali. We offer a mix selected from amongst the finest cuisines in India. Our signature breakfast options comprise classics such as Eggs Benedict, Omelettes with Salmon Mousse, and the like. Miso Shiro is in great demand in the international airlines,” says a Kingfisher spokesperson.

For the health conscious, Sodium Free Meals, Diabetic meals, High Fibre Meals, Low Calorie Meals and Low Fat Meals are available. The menus are prepared keeping in mind the current culinary trends and the food is cooked using least amount of oil. Recipes requiring gravies, rich in cashews, are avoided. The menus offer multiple options in both vegetarian and non- vegetarian meals. Says Abhijit, “Every non-vegetarian meal has to have a vegetarian counterpart. Most Indians don’t like to eat non-vegetarian food outside as they think it’s not safe. So we have a lot of vegetarian options in our menu. To order a special meal, the guests need to give a day’s notice. They can order the dish online or make a request through the call centres.”

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