Aalankrita Resort & Spa is the Most Admired Spa Resort of the Year

Aalankrita Resort & Spa received The Golden Star Award For Most Admired Spa Resort of the Year. Open on all days of the week, the spa offers Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Chocolate Lover’s Bliss Massage, Swedish Delight and more. The spa comes with state-of the-art Adam & Eve Massage studios, Thai massage studio, Penthouse Couple Massage studio, Outdoor Massage tables set in a Thai garden, steam and sauna rooms, private showers, personal lockers and personal disposables kit (robe, sheet, innerwear, towels, slippers, combs, etc.).

The intent of the award is to congratulate Hotels and Hospitality Industry along with their best employees who have taken the extra step to be the best.

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