Air India Decides to Improve Services

At a meeting convened by Rohit Nandan, Chairman and MD, Air India Express, it was decided that Air India would work towards improving the quality of its services.

The Air India Express has decided to improve the quality of its services in the coming days. Crucial decisions were taken towards this end at a meeting convened by Rohit Nandan, Chaiman and MD, Air India Express.

The urgent measures are being initiated on the basis of rising complaints  from passengers. Direct involvement of the Air India station manager is being sought during the landing of diverted flights at airports. The station manager has also been entrusted with the duty of arranging basic facilities for the passengers. Emergency situations, like diversion of flights, etc, should be communicated effectively to passengers.

The meeting has decided to form a crisis management team led by the Air India nodal officer.

At present, there are 119 Air India Express services from Kerala. The low-cost service of the airline is its highlight compared to other services.

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