Air India to Get Compensation from Boeing

According to news reports, Air India will get compensation from Boeing for the period till Boeing 787 Dreamliner stays grounded. AI grounded all six planes of its Dreamliner fleet on Thursday morning after a global directive from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to airlines flying the 50-odd aircraft around the world. The planes will be back in service only after being cleared by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Even if the grounding is for short time, the compensation would be sought and the calculation of the compensation will take into consideration daily number of flights operated, passenger load factors and average fares of those flights, as confirmed by a senior aviation ministry official, the report stated.

In an interaction with the press, civil aviation minister, Ajit Singh, did not rule out claiming compensation. He said, “We expect if an aircraft causes a commercial problem, Boeing would have to compensate. At this point, we are not clear about how serious the problem is, what the commercial implications are and how long it will take. If we say anything now, it would be speculation.”

Air India will begin inspection of its six Boeing 787 Dreamliners from next Tuesday once it receives guidelines from Federal Aviation Administration.

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