New Year’s Resolutions for the Business Traveller

2014 is upon us. We found a collection of in-the-air New Year’s Resolutions that could inspire anyone who is a traveler, business or otherwise.

Resolutions aren’t just for people on the ground. In a closed space like airline, or in an airport where strangers pass each others by, there are certain etiquettes and behaviours that can make the difference between pleasant journey and trip from hell.

1. I resolve not to get up from my seat every five minutes.1
Some passengers get up from their seats so often that it is irritating to people sitting in the same row. People who need to use the restrooms often should try to book the aisle seat if possible. There’s one more thing. There are some touchy-feely passengers who feel the need to touch the headrest of each seat they pass on their way to the toilet and this is very annoying. It’s best to keep your hands to yourself on and from the loo.

2. I resolve not to a) smell of BO and b) conversely, won’t empty the perfume bottle on myself before boarding the flight.
It can be annoying to people in close proximity if you reeked of yesterday’s 10 mile run in the hot sun or conversely, if your aftershave / perfume is unpleasant. Carrying a deodorant in your bag may help. Make sure it’s a neutral smell. Citrus is a safe bet.

33. I resolve not to lay my head in the lap of the person sitting behind me:
Try not to push back your seat so your head is in the lap of the person behind you. When you are on long journey its quite natural to want to lean back, especially when the lights are out. But you should definitely be aware that it’s very annoying to do this when meals are being served (especially on tiny domestic carriers). Another habit that can be frustrating for the person sitting next to you is un-buckling and re-buckling your seat belt. Invariably you are jabbing your fellow traveller in the side and ‘air-rage’ could follow.

4. I resolve not to hog the magazines and hide them in my seat pocket:
Make sure things you use on the plane, borrow actually, go back where they belong. Put back the magazine or any reading material from where you have taken it. It’s easy for someone else to find it and shows you care.

5. I resolve to keep my shoes on because I know I have smelly feet.
Keep your foot wear on. No matter how comfortable it is to go barefoot, or in you socks, have a heart for your fellow traveller. Besides, shoes have a way of sliding round and it’s also very irritating to have someone hunt under your seat for their shoes.

6. I resolve to be cheerful while I’m travelling.
Most people would rather stay home, be on the ground, go to a movie or something else… anything other than be on a plane. It’s an ordeal for everybody. So a cheerful smile and a pleasant attitude can go a long way in making everyone’s journey happy.

77. I resolve not to carry oversized, heavy luggage on the plane.
Carrying oversized, heavy luggage means you need the flight attendant’s help to get it up into the overhead bin. This blocks the aisles and delays seating. Carry luggage that you can handle on your own and don’t be a nuisance. Of course, if you are frail, infirm or unable to reach the overhead bin, well, that’s what the airline staff is there to help you with.

8. I resolve not to speak at top volume if I’m using the phone.
Don’t talk loudly. It is basic manners to not yell and scream in the cabin or on the phone. Keep your volume low. Just like your voice, keep your music volume also low, even if it is being played through headphones.

9. I resolve not to nervously twitch my legs and shake them incessantly
If you are a nervous leg twitcher, be aware. Control yourself. It is most annoying to the person sitting beside you.

10. I resolve to keep my kids in check.8  Patroll your kids. Parents must control their kids on planes. Kids are not to be blamed when parents can’t keep a check on them and it is their responsibility to see that children aren’t running around all over the place or screaming their heads off. If you child has a cold or fever, it’s probably a good idea to postpone the trip.

11. I resolve to carry anti-snore strips so I don’t terrify my fellow passenger.
Most people are aware that they snore. Co-passengers and flight attendants are likely to be annoyed when there are massive snorers in the cabin. Buy yourself an anti-snore strip which comes in packets and is very effective. Use it and earn goodwill.

12. I resolve not to spray my germs on my fellow passenger.12 if you have a cough or a cold, and you must travel, be aware that in a closed, pressurised cabin, you represent the worst sort of fellow passenger. Carry plenty of tissue and better yet, take some sort of antihistamine that keeps the coughing and sneezing to a minimum while you’re flying. All in all, it’s best to postpone your trip if you’re ill.



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